This Week’s Workout Review: SELF’s HIIT Workout

Hey home workout people!

I am back with another workout review for you this week. These are fun for me to do and they also provide you with a workout option to try.

Without further ado, here is the workout I picked and my review of it.

What and why

For this review, I chose one of SELF’s HIIT workouts. My last workout review was also a HIIT one which was pretty tough.

I wanted to do another HIIT workout because of me not doing much switching up of what I do on my cardio/abs days. The weightlifting part of my workout routines get changed more often.

My first ever HIIT workout was around 11 years ago at my aunt and uncle’s retirement community center (I was on vacation at their house). I had read about this type of cardio the night before and was eager to try it out. I ended up doing one minute sprints with 1.5 minutes of regular running on the treadmill.

I was hooked after that!

Ever since then, I have done HIIT frequently. There are certain things that I love about doing it and I think others who like doing this kind of workout love them as well. These are as follows:

  • I feel like I have gotten a quality workout after I am done.
  • They burn a good amount of calories.
  • They don’t take very long as HIIT workouts are to be short.
  • They cause positive changes in my body.

About SELF

SELF is an online magazine that appeals to women and non-binary people. It provides many articles that are broken up by subject matter. These subjects include health, fitness, beauty, love and culture.

The site is chock full of information that includes things like tips, tricks, product reviews, relationship advice, workouts, think pieces, recipes and more.

About this SELF HIIT workout

This is a bodyweight workout that is around 15 minutes long.

There are four exercises included in it which are squat jacks, mountain climbers, skaters and burpees. Each exercise is to be done for 20-30 seconds with a rest of 15-30 seconds before going onto the next one. After the four exercises are done, you are to rest for 1 minute and start it all over again for three to four more times through.

A warm-up is recommended to be done for around five minutes with gentle exercises that hit all areas of the body. Using a mat for the workout is suggested but not necessary.

How it went for me

I was excited to try this workout because all of the exercises were ones that I have done many times before. The directions are also easy which meant that I wouldn’t have to keep looking back at the webpage to see what I had to do next.

Knowing the energy needed for each of the exercises, I was prepared for this workout to be tougher than it looked. Despite this, I did choose to do 30 seconds per exercise and to do each round four times through.

I warmed up for five minutes as recommended. This consisted of me walking around a bit and doing some stretches. Then, I was ready to do the workout.


I decided to go full throttle with the rounds of exercises and it was tough. There was a lot of huffing and puffing as well as boob sweat involved.

Mountain climbers kill me!

Afterwards, I did a five minute cool down along with some ab work. I totally forgot to wear my fitness watch so I did not know how many calories I burned. That was okay though because HIIT still has benefits no matter what the amount is.

Here are my pros and cons for this HIIT workout-

  • Didn’t take much time.
  • A tough, quality workout.
  • Directions are easy.
  • Not much space needed.
  • Customizable (can make it easier/harder, do different bodyweight movements, rest longer etc.).


  • It may be a little on the easy side (or maybe not?) if you don’t go full on in intensity and/or do less than the 30 seconds per exercise.

All in all, I give this workout 5/5 in likeability and 4/5 in toughness.

Who do I recommend it for?

Here is the type of person who I think this SELF HIIT workout would be great for:

  • Great for a person who doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants a high intensity workout.
  • Great for a person who doesn’t have a lot of space in their home to do workouts in.
  • Great for a person who gets bored easily during longer workouts.
  • Great for a person who is just starting out with HIIT workouts.
  • Great for a person who needs to change up their cardio workouts.
  • Great for a person who wants to get fitter quickly.
  • Great for a person who wants a workout with simple directions and not a ton of exercises to do.
  • Great for a person who has a good diet already and wants to see some additional, positive changes in their body.
  • Great for a person who doesn’t have a lot of (or any) workout equipment at home.
  • Great for a person who is away from home for some reason and doesn’t have access to a fitness center or equipment.

Who don’t I recommend it for?

Here are the types of people I think this SELF HIIT workout might not be that great for:

  • Not that great for people who enjoy long workouts.
  • Not that great for people who like to see a lot of calories burned on their fitness watches.
  • Not that great for people who are just starting to workout in general.
  • Not that great for people who are recovering from an injury of some sort.

A final word

This is a great HIIT workout from SELF that can be done anywhere. Whether you are new to HIIT or have done it before- you can get in a quality workout session with it.

Let me know in the comments what workout you have done and really liked recently!

Here is the SELF workout:

Thanks for reading!

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