Here Are 15 Amazing Winter Ambience Videos!

Okay, it is not officially winter so I am a little bit early with this one….

Oh well, let’s do it anyways!

This post will show you 15 amazing ambience videos for the upcoming season.

About ambience videos

These types of videos typically have some kind of image that either has movement or is still. There are sounds that then go with and are related to the imagery. A few really popular types of ambience videos are kitchens with cooking sounds, space scenes with space sounds, beach scenes with wave sounds and room scenes with the sounds of rain.

Ambience videos are put on for various reasons which include the following:

  • Studying and reading-Some people find that having background sounds help with focus.
  • Sleeping- Some of the sounds that are put in ambience videos can help people get to sleep.
  • Calming down/relaxing- These ambience videos can help people relax with the sounds they have.
  • Writing- Some people find that ambience videos can help them focus and spark creativity while writing a book or story.

Ambience videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube so there are now many channels that are dedicated to the creation of them.

How I use them

I use ambience videos for calming/relaxation, sleeping and reading. They have been great for my mental health since I started watching/listening to them.

What I usually do is put them up on the TV and sit in my favorite chair. If I am using them to help me sleep, I find ones that are eight hours long. Lately, I have been putting some that I really like into a playlist so that I can find them easily again.

There are so many ambience videos that I love and it is so fun to find more!

15 amazing winter ambience videos

  1. Christmas Tavern Ambience

I have started to really like tavern ambience videos. They are just so old-school and give me warm feelings. Seeing the tavern images almost makes me want to go read some kind of historical book.

This particular video has wonderful bubbling sounds that will help you relax!

2. Cozy Christmas Holiday Dorm

This is a new video that wasn’t originally on my list but it definitely deserves a spot. It just may be my favorite Christmas ambience video of all time!

The details are amazing (I see Ramen noodles!) and the distant sounds of people in the dorm are perfect. Put this one up on your TV for something fun to look at!

3. An Old Candy Shop

I love the Victorian era so of course I loved this ambience video!

The imagery is beautiful and accurate. I can imagine myself being in that town and buying some treats. If you find crinkling sounds to be relaxing- you will love this video, too!

4. 1920’s Staying Alone In A Luxury Lounge

This lounge looks so beautiful on my TV screen and it will look good on yours, too!

I love the sounds of the house party that is supposed to be going on. If I was there I would probably be in the lounge alone to be away from all of that noise though.

This is stunning, relaxing and just perfect!

5. 1950s Posh Apartment in the Firework Night

Another stunning vintage video. It is truly an amazing experience with the luxury apartment, fireworks and 1950s jazz music. This video is perfect for relaxing with a nice book and some tea.

6. Home Alone Christmas Party Ambience

A Christmas classic! This movie never gets old for me and I watch it every year.

This ambience video provides a fun four hours with good music and a fake party.

7. Christmas Coffee Shop Ambience

I wish I could be at this lovely Christmas coffee shop! This creator did such a wonderful job with the details that I can hardly look away. It looks so good on my TV screen.

The piano music is beautiful and relaxing. It may just lull you into a deep sleep.

8. Christmas Jazz Music For Sleep

Eight hours of upbeat Christmas jazz music? Yes!

This video is perfect to have on in the background for whatever you doing that day.

9. Manhattan Apartment Christmas Jazz Ambience

Although I am pretty happy living where I do now, I can’t say that this apartment doesn’t look great! I can’t imagine what the cost of it would be though.

This is just one of those ultra relaxing, beautiful looking ambience videos with wonderful Christmas jazz music. Perfect to have on while you are doing pretty much anything.

10. Christmas Ambience ASMR

This would be such a fun cabin to stay at!

The beautiful scene, snow sounds and Christmas jazz music makes this a great choice to chill out to for the eight hours that it runs for.

11. Slow Night Jazz

Slow jazz music is so relaxing. That coupled with the falling snow makes for a great video to fall asleep to.

12. Winter Venetian Restaurant Ambience

Restaurant ambience videos are some of my favorite kinds. This one is just fabulous.

Although it is winter themed, the music is not Christmas related. I love that because winter is not just about Christmas (many people don’t even celebrate it!). The guitar music that it has is absolutely beautiful and the background chatter is perfect.

The details in the scene are top-notch in my opinion. If you look out that windows you can even see people walking like you would if you were really at a restaurant like that.

This is a feast for the eyes and ears!

13. Family Farmhouse at Christmas

I am loving historical stuff these days.

This 17th century style Christmas ambience is simply amazing to me. The sounds of the family (supposed to be multigenerational!) are so real and accurate. Then we have the table all set up with sounds of more food being cooked.


All-in-all, a great video to relax or get work done to.

14. Hotel Lounge Bar Ambience

This isn’t exactly winter-related but I had to include it anyways. The beautiful hotel scene, background chatter/eating sounds and Lofi music make this video amazing. I also love that the camera angles change so that you are looking at another part of the hotel.

This video provides eight hours of wonderful relaxation. I have put it on to read and fall asleep to.

15. New Year’s Eve Fireworks Ambience

What an amazing view! I love the muffled party sounds. I would be at this window instead of in the midst of all the people if this was a real situation.

This video is great to relax and read a book to.

There you have it!

Those were all the amazing ambience videos I found. Let me know what you think of them if you watch any.

Thanks for reading (and possibly watching)!

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