Here Are 15 Amazing Winter Ambience Videos!

Okay, it is not officially winter so I am a little bit early with this one.... Oh well, let's do it anyways! This post will show you 15 amazing ambience videos for the upcoming season. About ambience videos These types of videos typically have some kind of image that either has movement or is still.… Continue reading Here Are 15 Amazing Winter Ambience Videos!


Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

Whether you believe COVID-19 is a hoax or not- it is affecting a lot of people in various ways. I have been one of the people affected by it so it is very real to me. If you are a believer in the virus and you have read articles that come out on it-you may… Continue reading Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

Melatonin: Not Just For Sleep?!

Melatonin is one of those popular supplements that can be found in a lot of stores. It is known as something that helps put people to sleep at night. One might be surprised to find out that there may be other benefits that taking melatonin has. In this post, I will be discussing these possible… Continue reading Melatonin: Not Just For Sleep?!

I Tried Sleep Hypnosis Every Night For A Week. Here Is What Happened!

I wish I could sleep this good! My sleep has been totally disrupted for the past six months. It has gotten even worse since this whole pandemic situation started. My anxiety has been higher. If I am two days before my period starts…forget it. I won’t be sleeping at all. Darn hormones! I was looking… Continue reading I Tried Sleep Hypnosis Every Night For A Week. Here Is What Happened!