Home Workout Round-up: Try Them Out!

I love to workout at home and I have done so for around ten years. There are so many good workout plans and DVDs that I have found over the years so it was never a problem being consistent with exercise.

Although I create my own workouts with the moves I already know and the equipment I already have- I still like to find a free workout on the internet to do once in a while. In this post, I will be sharing some great workouts I found recently.

Why home workouts?

There are several reasons why home workouts can be good to do. They are as follows:

  • You don’t have to worry about sharing equipment with anybody.
  • You don’t have to worry about other people’s germs.
  • You can watch or listen to whatever you want.
  • You can wear whatever you want.
  • You can workout whenever you want.
  • It may be cheaper in the long run despite the high cost upfront for equipment.
  • You don’t have to worry about traveling to the gym.
  • You can have your child join in and learn healthy habits.
  • No one to compare yourself to.

There are probably more benefits but the list is a good start for someone who is deciding whether or not they want to workout at home.

Can you get “good” workouts in?

A good sweat can be had!

Of course you can! I and many others have been staying in great shape through workouts at home. You don’t even need a big home gym with a lot of equipment. Just your body and some space!

Going on search engines and looking on YouTube will provide you with a lot of workout options that can get you in tip-top shape. Just pick ones that you think you would be able to do consistently.

If you are starting off with doing bodyweight exercises/workouts-that is great! You can still reach your body and health goals doing that. In fact, there are many people who only do bodyweight exercises/workouts.

If you do want to have exercise equipment around, make sure to do some research and take a careful look at your budget. Things can be expensive upfront so you may want to consider slowly buying equipment overtime.

Dumbbell workouts are awesome but the price tag is pretty steep!

Whatever type of workout you choose to do at home-just make sure you work hard and eat right so that you will be able to reach your goals.

Home workout round-up

Strength training workouts with resistance band:

  1. Coach Magazine resistance band workout: If you have resistance bands around and don’t really know what to do with them-try this one out. It is a full body workout that will get those muscles burning! You can add some cardio into this workout if you would like to burn more calories.
  2. Self Magazine upper body resistance band circuit workout: This is a wonderful upper body circuit. It may not seem like a very tough workout but you will definitely feel it the next day! Add in some cardio if you would like to burn more calories.
  3. Self Magazine lower body resistance band circuit workout: This is a great lower body workout that goes along with Self Magazine’s upper body one. Both of them could be used as your strength training workouts in your weekly routine.
  4. Self Magazine full body resistance band workout: This is an excellent full body circuit workout. I added in a 15 minute blast of cardio before doing it so the whole workout was pretty tough! I plan on doing this again sometime soon.

Strength training workouts using bodyweight:

  1. Greatist upper body strength workout: This is an all push-up workout and it was a challenge for me. It really does work your upper body well with it’s 15 different push-up variations. The great thing is that it also doesn’t require very much space.
  2. Genesis Health Clubs Upper body bodyweight workout– I came across this workout in the first week of November and figured that I would try it out even though I have never heard of Genesis Health Clubs. I liked doing it because it had different exercises than what I usually do and I could make it tougher. I would suggest if you are a bit more advanced of an exerciser that you try to make tougher as well. This may mean to do more sets, less amount of time resting, adding in cardio bursts etc.
  3. Genesis Health Clubs lower body bodyweight workout– This is a great body weight workout that you can build off of to make it tougher if you need to. There are three supersets that are to be done two times each (I did three times each!) and then there is a 100 second squat/lunge challenge. It can really get your muscles burning and help you on your way to a sculpted lower body with the right nutrition to go with it!
  4. Fitness Blender bodyweight upper body and abs workout– This is a wonderful workout just like all of Fitness Blender’s workouts! Push yourself with this one and you will definitely feel the burn.
  5. Fitness Blender intense lower body workout– This is a great lower body workout to do. It really is intense as it combines HIIT with tough lower body exercises. I actually used weights with it a couple days before writing this post and it was a doozy!

Strength training workouts with weights:

  1. Fitness Blender strength training and cardio (kickboxing) upper body workout- This upper body workout will get you wonderfully sweaty and feeling a great burn. If you like kickboxing, you may really enjoy this one
  2. Fitness Blender squats and deadlifts workout– I never thought about doing a lower body workout that only included squats and deadlifts before. This one turned out to be really enjoyable and gave my legs a good burn. I highly recommend it if you have weights at home.
  3. Genesis Health Clubs upper body workout– This one was interesting to me because of the slow and quick counts that are to be done for each exercise. This changes things up a bit and adds some challenge as well. The recommended weight range is light to medium. This means different things to different people so use the weights that you feel are right and will give you a great workout.
  4. Self Magazine upper body workout– This is a straight forward workout that mostly hits your arms, chest and back. There are seven exercises that are to be done three times through. I used heavy weights for it but you can use any dumbbells you have at home and still get a great workout in.

No-equipment cardio:

  1. Fitness Blender HIIT Routine– Whew! This is a good one that I will be doing again soon. It is very tough but there are modifications to make it easier if one is not there yet with their fitness level. The 37 minutes will go by fast and you will feel like you got in a quality workout when you are done!
  2. SELF HIIT workout– This was a good 30 minute HIIT workout I stumbled upon. You don’t need a ton of space and the trainers are very pleasant.
  3. SELF HIIT workout– This is another good 30 minute HIIT workout from the SELF channel. There are different cardio moves and it is set up differently. I will definitely be putting this and the previous one into my YouTube playlist.
  4. POPSUGAR Fitness standing cardio workout- The idea of a cardio workout that didn’t involve dropping down to the mat, was exciting to me which was why I clicked on the video. It did not disappoint! The 30 minutes flew by and I felt great (and sweaty!) afterwards. This is perfect for you if you don’t like having to drop down on the floor during cardio workouts.

I think you will like these!

All of these workouts are high quality and will go towards a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend trying them sometime if you are in the market for a new workout to do in the comfort of your own home.

What home workouts have you been doing?

Thanks for reading!

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