Resistance Band Workout + Review

Working out with resistance bands seem to be a very popular thing right now. From influencers selling them and pretending that they use them (yes, that was shade) to resistance band workout articles popping up everywhere.

They are the in thing and for good reason.

I decided to take out my resistance bands and try a workout that uses them. In this post I will talk about how it went for me.

Resistance bands: What and why

Resistance bands are just that-bands that provide resistance. Because of this, using them gives our muscles some work.

There are many options when it comes to buying resistance bands. Some of them are looped and others have handles. The latter ones can also come with door anchors to do certain exercises with.

You can buy just one resistance band or a few different ones that have varying levels of resistance. They will be equivalent to lifting certain amounts of weight so make sure to read the product description carefully so you know what you are getting.

Some benefits to using resistance bands are as follows:

  • They are great for home workouts as they do not take up much room.
  • They are cost effective. This is because they can replace a bunch of dumbbells.
  • They help with strengthening the muscles just as dumbbells do.
  • They are lightweight which means they are easy to move around when you have to store them away.
  • Great for easing back into strength training after breaks from it due to varying reasons.
  • Great for easing into strength training if it has not been done before.
  • Great to bring along on trips.
  • Great for changing up your workouts.
  • Can provide great stretches.
  • Allows for better control of strength exercises.
  • Can be added in with dumbbell workouts.

Resistance band set option (with door anchors):

Resistance band loop option:

The resistance band workout I tried

I was Googling resistance band workouts and found one from Coach magazine. This is a fitness/health magazine and is based in the UK. It is targeted towards men but that did not deter me!

The workout is geared towards the upper body and includes cardio components. It is a circuit that has four exercises which include lateral raises, overhead press, bicep curls and band pull-aparts. Each is done for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of cardio in between each instead of a rest.

The article states that each circuit should be done four times. The workout will take around 20 minutes to complete.

My thoughts on this workout

I am really tied to my PowerBlock dumbbells so I was worried that I would not get a good workout session in with the bands. Fortunately, I was wrong as it was a wonderful workout!

The following are the things I liked about it:

  • Different- It was a change from my usual strength workouts which made it pretty darn fun for me.
  • Simple and quick- I can see this as being a great workout for someone who wants something relatively quick and not complicated to do.
  • Totally customizable- I can make this workout even harder, substitute strength moves, add strength moves, add weights etc.
  • Effective- I did feel like my muscles got a good workout. I even had some soreness the next day.
  • Easy to grip- I have been having a harder time gripping the PowerBlocks recently for whatever reason. The handles on the bands I used for the workout, were easier and more comfortable to grip.

I did not wear my fitness watch during the workout so I do not know how many calories I burned. I do know that I was working hard during the session and got my heart rate up.

This workout is one that I would highly recommend. You can find it here:

I will be using resistance bands again

I plan on incorporating resistance bands into my exercise sessions from now on. The workout from Coach magazine is also something I will do again with some adjustments that will make it harder and even more effective.

Do any of you use resistance bands to workout with? If so, let me know what you like about them!

Thanks for reading!

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