3 Sweater Styles Great for Women With Wide Shoulders

I love me some sweaters!

We all come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to clothes, there are certain things that we should and should not wear based on how our bodies look.

I mean, I guess we can wear whatever we want but some things will not look good on us.

If you are a wide shouldered woman like me, you know that certain tops may be really unflattering on you. Since it is getting colder in many parts of the world, I decided to share some cute sweater options that are great for our shape!

Being wide shouldered is not a bad thing

Wide shoulders are considered to be an athletic looking feature indicating strength. Women that have them may feel manly because of this.

We are not manly though!

We are truly as wonderful and beautiful as women with narrow shoulders are! Trust and believe.

Cute sweater options I found

When a woman has wide shoulders, they will most likely find out that certain tops may fit tight around the shoulders and loose around the midsection. It can be hard to find something that fits this shape of ours but there are great options out there!

Here are some ideas from Venus, an online clothing store.

Off-shoulder sweaters are notorious for not staying down and thus turning into a regular sweater. This one above has straps so that does not happen. It comes in off-white and black.

Find it here: https://www.venus.com/viewproduct.aspx?BRANCH=63~7436~&ProductDisplayID=75320&CLR=CDWH

This is an off-shoulder sweater that is super comfortable and looks great on wide shoulders. It even looks great over the shoulders!

Find it here in black (the color I have on is not available): https://www.venus.com/viewproduct.aspx?BRANCH=7~69~&ProductDisplayID=34816

This is another off-shoulder sweater with nice lace detailing. It needs to be washed on a gentle cycle so as not to ruin the lace part.

Find it here: https://www.venus.com/viewproduct.aspx?BRANCH=7~69~&ProductDisplayID=76042

There are other options for us wide shouldered women

These are just a few options that I found for me that might be good for other women with wide shoulders. There are similar ones that can be found at other stores. Pair them with some leggings, Yoga pants or jeans and you will look wonderful.

Even though we may not be able to go out to have fun due to the pandemic, it can make you feel better to wear something nice around the house. So put away those grungy, baggy and/or clothing filled with holes once in a while!

Thanks for reading!

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