Having a PMS/PMDD Toolbox

PMS and PMDD are two things that many women have to deal with. While PMS is milder, they both can cause a lot of discomfort physically and mentally. When it is that time of your cycle where things get really bad for you and you need some relief, having helpful resources in one place may… Continue reading Having a PMS/PMDD Toolbox

My PCOS Journal Is Here!

I am really excited that my PCOS journal is ready to buy. My belief is that it will really help someone that is dealing with the diagnosis. In this post, I will discussing my journal in depth. Why a PCOS journal? I wanted to make a PCOS journal because helping other women/non-binary people is one… Continue reading My PCOS Journal Is Here!

Claritin for Severe PMS/PMDD: My Experiment and Results

If you have read any of my blog posts before, you may know that I deal with pretty bad PMS/PMDD symptoms. This has led me down the path of trying to "crack the code" on myself. By that I mean I have been searching for ways to fix these hormonal problems of mine. A couple… Continue reading Claritin for Severe PMS/PMDD: My Experiment and Results