My PCOS Journal Is Here!

I am really excited that my PCOS journal is ready to buy. My belief is that it will really help someone that is dealing with the diagnosis.

In this post, I will discussing my journal in depth.

Why a PCOS journal?

I wanted to make a PCOS journal because helping other women/non-binary people is one of my passions in life.

There are a myriad of symptoms that one can experience with a PCOS diagnosis. They can range from mild to severe depending on the person. No matter what the severity of the symptoms are, most people want to get rid of them or at least manage them better.

I didn’t see any good PCOS journals upon looking for them so I thought that maybe I should make one. Not everyone likes the idea of journals but I feel that those that do may find value in it.

What’s inside the journal

This journal was fun for me to create! I put everything that I could think of for PCOS management in it. I will be reviewing it periodically and seeing if there is anything else that I think should be added.

The current contents of the journal includes all of the following:

  1. Symptom documentation page- This has places for you to write down the symptoms you deal with and circle how severe they are.
  2. PCOS-related goals- This has places for you to write down any goals you have that relate to your PCOS diagnosis (i.e. weight loss).
  3. Diet plan- This has places for you to write down your current diet, new diet, supplements/medications currently taking and supplements/medications you are interested in taking.
  4. Skincare- This page has places for you to write down the skincare products you currently use, ones you are interested in and your skincare routine (one you currently have and/or one you want to start doing).
  5. Hair care- This is a page for you to write down if you have any hair loss/thinning or hirsutism and how you are dealing with them.
  6. Fitness plans- There are three fitness routine planning sheets so you can change up your routine during the time period of using the journal.
  7. 90 daily journal pages- Each day you get to write down your menstrual cycle information, any symptoms you are experiencing, food intake, exercise done/calories burned and how you felt your day went overall.
  8. Test result documentation- This page is for writing down the results you have gotten from the tests that people with PCOS(or suspected) get.
  9. Reflection- This page is for writing down how things went overall during the entire 90 days.

To increase the functionality of the journal, one can get nice bookmarks for it.

As with my other journals and planners, this one is large sized. The cover design that you see in the picture in this post, is not the final one as I have a better design coming out. So if you are interested in this journal, stay tuned for the one with the better cover!

My women’s health business

The name of my business is the same as this blog’s name- Conquering This Life. It specifically targets women and non-binary people who want to take control of their lives in varying ways.

Right now my products include the following:

  1. Women’s Health Daily Journal and Planner– This combines a journal and planner all in one. There are sections to track your menstrual cycle information, any symptoms you may have, any supplements/medications you have taken, the exercise you did, what you need/want to do that day, what you ate that day and your overall thoughts about the day. This is a 90 day journal with two pages per day. I have been using it everyday for a while now and love it. If no one else buys it that is fine, I will continue to!
  2. PCOS journal
  3. PMDD journal– I did a post on this one a while ago.
  4. Workout log book- Coming soon.
  5. Beauty journal– This is a 90 day journal for you to track, record, document and manage all aspects of your beauty.
  6. PMS and PMDD rescue journal- This is coming soon and I will talk more about this in a post next week.
  7. Food journal- Coming soon.
  8. Self-care journal- Coming soon.

All of these journals/planners are created and designed by me. Them being a little different than the others out there on the market is important to me. This is why I want to put my own touches on them. I do not want to put out generic products.

In the future all of these will be decked out. Meaning that they will be designed even nicer, hardcovered, with built in tabs etc. I will also be selling through a different

Believe it or not, this is not all about money to me. I am not cool and savvy like a lot of people who make good amounts of money online are- I will never make much of anything. I know that.

I truly do want to help people manage their health and life, though. That is why I have begun to create these products.

I hope this PCOS journal is helpful

PCOS is a rough diagnosis to have- I know that firsthand. My hope is that this journal could be something that one can add to their arsenal when it comes to managing the disease.

Thanks for reading!

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