All of My Women’s Health Journals and Planners!

Hey all! I decided to make a post with all of my women's health journals and planners in one place. They do come in different covers so I will just put the best looking ones on here along with a description of each. My books! Women's Health Journal and Planner This is my favorite and… Continue reading All of My Women’s Health Journals and Planners!


My PCOS Journal Is Here!

I am really excited that my PCOS journal is ready to buy. My belief is that it will really help someone that is dealing with the diagnosis. In this post, I will discussing my journal in depth. Why a PCOS journal? I wanted to make a PCOS journal because helping other women/non-binary people is one… Continue reading My PCOS Journal Is Here!

My PMDD Journal Is Here!

Yes, yes, yes! I am so excited! One of my women's health journals has been published and is ready to be bought. In this post, I will be talking more about it and my journal/planner business in general. My little journal/planner business For a long time, I have loved keeping a journal and planner around.… Continue reading My PMDD Journal Is Here!