The Wife Hemp Strain + Review

The Wife Hemp Strain + Review

Quite a while ago now, I decided to try taking CBD in the form of gummies. I was not impressed at the time because I did not feel that it did anything for me-good or bad.

I recently decided to try taking a strain of hemp called, “The Wife.” Here is what happened!

First, a quick look at the alleged benefits of CBD

CBD has become increasingly popular over the years due to its possible benefits. Some of them have more scientific evidence behind them than others.  Here is a list of things that CBD is touted as being of benefit for:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Inflammation
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Nausea

When reading up on people’s experiences with CBD, many find there to be no benefits and many find there to be some benefits. What one may feel (or not feel) seems to do with the CBD product they use and/or their own brain chemistry.

The Wife hemp strain

There are many strains of hemp and The Wife is the name of one of them. Like all other hemp strains, it is very high in CBD and very low in THC (only around .3%).Since THC is a psychoactive ingredient, you will not get the high feeling with The Wife due to the low amount of it.

The Wife is described as having a smell that has mixture of skunky, sweet and floral notes. The flavor of it is said to be pleasant with hints of cherry.

Different strains of hemp are allegedly good for different ailments. The Wife is said to help with pain and nausea along with providing a calming effect to the mind.

With this hemp strain and others, you can use it in a few different ways. It can be vaped (not recommended), smoked, cooked with, made into capsules, used in teas and more (see here for some other ideas:

My review of The Wife

To be quite honest, the reason why I wanted to try CBD again was because I read an article about how it may possibly fight COVID-19 in the body. This was thought to be due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

I do not want COVID-19 again. The possibility of reinfection really scares me so I want to do everything I can to prevent and/or make sure that the second round is not any worse than the first one.

 After reading said article, I went right away to Google to search for CBD products. I was not interested in the gummies that I took the last time trying CBD, so I spent a good amount of time searching for something that I thought would be better.

I came across a site for a hemp farm called, Golden Eagle Farms. Their site was simple and nice which I liked. I also liked that the farm is run by people who have years of experience growing hemp. That to me means that they really know what they are doing.

Golden Eagle Farms offers five different strains of hemp in flowers and topical forms. For each strain of hemp, there is a list of the constituents that are in them as well as their lab results which shows their levels of THC.

I took a good look at the reviews for each strain on the farm’s website as well as on other CBD sites. The Wife stuck out to me as one to try due to its alleged ability to alleviate pain and nausea. My husband was interested in trying it as well so we ordered some.

Our order of The Wife came really fast which was great because we were so eager to try it. The packaging was nice and simple, just like their website.

I was worried that the hemp flowers would smell really bad but I honestly liked it. When we took it out of the package, the smell reminded me of chicken alfredo (the best way I can describe it).

My husband decided to extract the hemp into oil so that we could make capsules. This was because we are not interested in vaping and smoking. Each capsule he made of it was about 20 mg.

On this particular day, I was having pretty severe ovary pain due to ovulation. I usually take Tylenol when this happens but this time, I wanted to go without it to see how the hemp would work for me.

Within 30 minutes of taking 40 mg (two capsules) of the hemp, I felt a mild wave of relaxation come over me and my ovarian pain was gone. This was amazing to me!

Ever since then I have been taking 40 mg every evening and when I am in any kind of pain. I love the relaxation that I get from it because sleepiness does not come with it. I can take it during the day and still be able to get things done without needing to take a nap.

I also become very clear-headed after taking it. With this and the calmness it causes, one would definitely be able to get their studying and academic work done easier than they could without it.

As far as nausea relief goes, it does not work against the level of nausea I get. I think I would need a higher level of THC to have that benefit.

Another thing I like about The Wife is that the affects seem to last for hours. This means that it will end up saving me money because I will not have to take a bunch of capsules each day to help with any pain I have.

I have not experienced any negative side effects from taking these hemp capsules. This is something I was worried about but maybe I do not take a high enough dose for those to happen.

If I were to rate it on a scale of five stars, I would give The Wife a solid five. Buying this was totally worth it for me.

I highly recommend this strain

The Wife has been such a great addition to my daily supplement intake and I would recommend it for others to try as well. I know that CBD does not work for everyone, but it might be something worth trying if you are willing to spend the money.

I would love for it help fight against COVID-19 if (and probably when) I get re-infected with it although I am not holding out hope. My plan is to keep taking it for my general well-being as it seems to be good for that!

Do any of you take CBD or have taken it? What are/were your experiences?

Thanks for reading!

Here is a link to the Golden Eagle Farms The Wife hemp strain:

Some CBD sources about CBD:

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My Body Hates Hormones! + Tried A Different Anti-Nausea Treatment

My Body Hates Hormones! + Tried A Different Anti-Nausea Treatment

Okay so this totally sucks. Just after I scheduled my last post to go up that detailed this past menstrual cycle, my body decided to enter into a shitshow.

Let me tell you a little about it as well as what I took to relieve the nausea.

It was a little unexpected

I was coming off the high of a relatively mild menstrual cycle. Only one day of nausea, happiness most days, very little pain etc. For some reason I figured that my next cycle would be similar.

Well, I happened to be wrong. Way wrong.

I got to day nine of my cycle (August 20th) and a giant wave of horribleness washed over me. It was quite shocking. This was one of the days where our estrogen and testosterone levels get higher which means we are supposed to feel awesome. Yeah, that did not happen.

My body obviously did not like this shift in hormones. It told me this by causing me to feel nauseous, weepy, bloated, cramped up and achy. Not cool body. Not cool.

As I am typing this, I still feel pretty much like shit. Today is day 15 of my cycle which means progesterone is rising while estrogen and testosterone are dropping. With this shift can come even more nausea and unpleasant feelings in me.

Basically, this cycle will only include about four good days.

This is something that used to happen every month for me and it makes me sad that it has come back. I am hoping it is just a fluke.

Something new I tried

When my nausea continued to worsen and reach its peak on day 14, I decided to try taking something called, Meclizine. This is an OTC medication that is marketed to treat motion sickness and vertigo but it can also be used for any kind of nausea.

My husband bought a bottle of 1000 chewable tablets a while back but it was never my go-to nausea relief product. I felt like trying it because I thought it might be more powerful than the stuff I typically use.

I took one tablet, which has 25 mg of the active ingredient. They have a mild raspberry flavor to them and I did not mind it.

Within about 20 minutes I started feeling tired. I was really worried that that would be the only effect it gave me but once I got to the 45 minute mark, I could feel my nausea fading.

My upset stomach went away just enough that I could eat and get in my vitamins/supplements. Success!

The sleepiness that Meclizine caused me was the only drawback. I will still reach for one of these tablets the next time I need something strong for the level of nausea I am experiencing.

This is upsetting!

I hate how hormonal shifts make me feel and I would not wish this problem on anyone.

My plan is to keep documenting how I feel each day and what I eat just so I can figure out if there is something I am doing that is making the hormonal shifts so hard me. I just realized the My Calendar (menstrual cycle calendar) app on my phone allows for symptoms to be plugged in daily so I will be using that.

Do any of you have issues with hormonal shifts during your cycle?

Thanks for reading!

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I Drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea And Here Is How It Went!

I Drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea And Here Is How It Went!

I love drinking hot teas and I have since I was 15 years old. The warmth and the different flavors relax me while exciting my tastes buds.

The idea that the different plants used to make these teas can possibly have health benefits, is really interesting to me.

I experienced a bout of nausea again the day before my period was set to start in this last menstrual cycle. Peppermint tea is a common thing I use to quell it but this time I decided to try red raspberry leaf instead.

In this post, I will talk a little bit about these leaves and my experience drinking them in tea form!

Some information on red raspberry leaf

The raspberry plant is native to Europe and Asia. While not the most popular fruit to eat in the world, it still has a nutrient profile that many people love.

The leaves that come along with this fruit are also edible and considered to be nutritious. They contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, potassium and antioxidants.

 If you are interested in consuming the leaves, they need to be gathered before the plant blooms and done in mid-morning. Once you have gotten all the leaves you want, you will need to dry them. When they can crumble easily in your fingers, they are ready to be stored in an airtight container (keep the leaves whole when you store them).

 To make tea with the leaves, it is best to use one tablespoon per eight ounces of boiling water. The leaves need to be steeped for around ten minutes for a full-strength cup (or cups) of tea.

Red raspberry leaf tea has a nice fruity smell to it. There is no fruity taste to the tea though. Most people who drink it say the flavor is more like that of black tea.

You can find red raspberry leaf sold in tea bags, whole leaves, liquid extract and capsules.

Alleged benefits

Red raspberry leaves are said to provide some specific health benefits. They are as follows:

  1. Induces labor
  2. Balances hormones in women
  3. Reduces the severity of menstrual cramps
  4. Lightens period flow
  5. Relieves nausea/morning sickness
  6. Boosts the immune system
  7. Soothes sore throats

There is very little scientific evidence behind any of these benefits. You can find a lot of anecdotal evidence for these though!

Science does show that red raspberry leaf may have some estrogenic effects to it. It is best to be aware of that if you choose to consume it.

My experience with red raspberry leaf tea

So as stated before, I had some gnarly nausea before my period was going to start in this past cycle.

When I looked into the cabinet that I keep my tea in, I saw that I had some red raspberry leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals. I remembered that I had bought it a while back for the nausea and menstrual cramp benefits. This made me decide to have a cup of it.

I made sure that it was not expired first so I did not make my stomach situation worse. Since the bags had not gone bad, I went ahead and made one cup to start off.

I sweetened my cup of the tea with sucralose (yes, I realize that is considered bad). The taste of it was very pleasant and was indeed like black tea. I liked it a lot.

It was easy to get down despite the way I was feeling. Within 15 minutes or so of drinking it, I began to have some relief from the nausea. It was not totally gone, but it was getting better.

I decided to have another cup because it tasted so good to me. After the second one, I felt even better!

A third cup was not necessary.

Permanently part of my nausea fighting arsenal

I do not know what makes these leaves helpful for nausea but I am not going to complain. It tastes better than peppermint tea and it works really well. I will be drinking it in the days before my period from now on.

Have any of you had red raspberry leaf tea? If so, did you like it?

Thanks for reading!

Some sources-

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Reliefband For Nausea + Review

Reliefband For Nausea + Review

If you have read my other posts, you would know that I have suffered from chronic nausea for the past five years. Although I have had it under better control lately, I still experience it once in a while.

There are already effective things that I keep around for when the nausea hits, but I have no qualms about trying new ones!

My husband recently bought me a Reliefband which is used to quell nausea. For this post I will be providing some information on it and giving my review.

What the product is and does

The Reliefband is for relieving nausea. It is like a motion sickness band in that you wear it on your wrist. What makes it different is that it is digital and provides electrical stimulation to the area instead of just pressure.

The types of nausea it says it treats are pregnancy sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy, and post-operative sickness. It is said to be effective on its own but can be even better as an adjunct to other antiemetics.

There are five different nausea relief intensity levels to choose from. The company makes sure to state that the Reliefband may not work for some people even if it is at the highest setting.

The Reliefband comes with instructions and a small tube of conductivity gel. There are batteries pre-installed in the band, so it is ready to be tried out right when you get it. The batteries are said to last for up to 150 hours depending on the intensity levels you choose.

How to wear it

Just like motion sickness bands, the Reliefband is to be worn two finger-widths down the wrist. You are to put a small amount of the conductivity gel on this area and rub it in a circle, gently.

The band is to be placed on the gelled area with a tight fit. You then press the power button. To switch the intensity, you keep pressing the power button until you get the level you want it at. If you want to turn it off, you press the button and hold it.

Once it is on, you will feel an electrical pulsing up through your wrist. To know if you have it in the necessary spot, you are to close your hand. If you feel a tingling sensation in your palm and fingers, it is in the correct place. It must hit the median nerve for it to work at all.

If you plan on wearing the Reliefband throughout the day, you are to reapply the conductivity gel periodically so that it keeps working effectively. You can switch wrists if you need to as it should be on whichever one you feel the most tingling in.

It is splash-resistant, but you should still not immerse it in water. This means that you need to take it off if you are going to take a bath, shower or go swimming.

Wearing the Reliefband may cause skin irritation and allergic reactions if one has a latex allergy.

My review of the Reliefband

I was excited to try out this product and chose to use it during my fertile window when my stomach feels awful.

I loved that there is just one button that you need to press. When I want nausea relief, I do not want to have to fiddle around with something complicated.

I really appreciated the large sheet of information and instructions that it comes with. It explains everything very well. I am glad I did not throw it away which I sometimes do for things like that.

Getting it on the correct spot on my wrist was pretty easy. I also found it comfortable to wear.

The feeling of the electrical pulse was strange in my opinion and it took a little bit to get used it. It feels similar to when your limbs fall asleep. Not painful, just weird.

I turned it up to the highest intensity level due to my nausea usually being tough to break through. This increased the pins and needles feeling but it still was not painful.

In terms of nausea relief for that particular day, I can’t say I noticed a difference unfortunately. I used it by itself for a while and then I ended up having to take my other nausea relief things with it.

Even though I reapplied the conductivity gel periodically, I still ended up with an itchy rash and swelling. I am not allergic to latex so I am thinking the electrodes must have nickel in it (I have a nickel allergy). Or maybe I am just plain sensitive to it.

It might be hard to see but my skin was really irritated here.

Another thing I do not like about it is the cost. While it was nice of my husband to buy it for me, it is expensive and he really shouldn’t have. Way overpriced.

It may have not worked for me, but it might work for you

The Reliefband did not work for me unfortunately and the rash was uncomfortable to say the least. I am not opposed to try it out again if I am truly desperate for some relief though (that probably sounds crazy of me!).

There are many people who have been happy with it so do not let my review deter you from getting it if you are really interested.

Let me know what works for you for nausea!

Reliefband site:

Buy it on Amazon:

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Things To Always Have Around For Nausea

Things To Always Have Around For Nausea

You don’t need to spend the whole day by the toilet!

Everyone gets nausea occasionally. It is just a part of life unfortunately. Some of us (like me) experience it more frequently than others due to a variety of reasons.

The good thing is that there are a lot of things available that can help lessen the severity or get rid of the feeling completely. Since I am the self-professed “queen of nausea,” I wanted to make a post showing some good things to have in your house to deal with it.

All of the great OTC options!

Ginger is something many people have heard about when it comes to alleviating nausea. It has even been found to be superior to Dramamine (OTC drug used for motion sickness). The studies show that it can be effective for nausea that stems from chemotherapy, morning sickness, post-operative and other things.

It is good to keep it around in some form. You can get it in capsules, powder, tea, candy and essential oil. I use the capsules and powder on a daily basis due to the other benefits it has.

Vitamin B6 is something that women with morning sickness are recommended to take. While I didn’t use it during my pregnancy (I did not know that it would help with the morning sickness), I have found it works for my nausea flare-ups.

A dosage of 25 mg taken three times a day is said to be really helpful. It is important to not exceed 100 mg because of the risk of nerve damage.

Unisom is an OTC sleep medication that contains an antihistamine in it. Antihistamines are used a lot for allergies but they also treat nausea. It is safe for pregnant women with morning sickness and many have found great relief from it.

It has worked very well for me in the past. I do not use it as much anymore, admittedly . Even though it is a sleep medication, it did not make me tired for some reason. That was great because it meant that I could take it during the day.

Taking more than two of them a day for long periods of time is not recommended.

Nauzene syrup and chewable tablets are awesome to have around!

Syrup (the box on the left)- This is wonderful for people of all ages who are experiencing mild to severe nausea. It is safe and also has a pleasant, light taste. For me it works extremely well-even better than Zofran (a prescription ant-emetic) sometimes. It takes about 20 minutes or a little less to work. I do experience a bit of a “hangover” type effect with it where I am mildly drowsy but it doesn’t bother me.

A dose of the syrup is one or two tablespoons( an adult would need two). This can be repeated throughout the day. I try not to use it very much because the bottles are small and it can get expensive after a while.

Chewable tablets- These are not very tasty to be honest. They are chalky and the flavor is weird. I am still able to choke them down though. Just like the syrup, they take about 20 minutes to work. One dose is four tablets which can be repeated throughout the day. These are good for mild nausea and/or when you have gotten yourself too full from a meal.

Pink Stork is a wonderful company!

Magnesium body spray is great to have around. Not only for nausea but just to get in your magnesium requirement for the day. Being low in magnesium is said to cause nausea among other things.

Even though this Pink Stork (see here: body spray is marketed for pregnant women, I have found that it takes the edge off my nausea.

Peppermint is something that I (and many others) have found to be great for alleviating nausea. The Tummy Drops (see here: peppermint candy is a new product that I found and it works amazingly well. Other ways to get nausea relief from peppermint are by drinking it in tea form, breathing it in and putting the diluted essential oil on your skin (wrists, neck, belly and feet).


There is a brand called BeeYoutiful and they offer great probiotics. One of the products is called Tummy Tuneup (see here: and it is absolutely fantastic for helping with nausea! They really take the edge off quickly. I open them up and dump the powder into my mouth so I don’t have to wait for the capsule to be broken down if I swallow it whole.

They also offer it in a chewable tablet form which works great too.

The above picture is of my motion sickness wrist bands. They can take the edge off of nausea through acupuncture pressure points. They are definitely not the most powerful thing for nausea relief, but I believe they are worth it to have around just in case.

Combining them

These things that I listed can be combined instead of just using one of them at a time. This will provide a stronger anti-nausea effect.

Here are ways you can combine them:

  1. Nauzene syrup + ginger powder- Pour out a dose of the syrup and mix some ginger powder into it.
  2. Ginger + peppermint- You could drink a tea that included both of these things or just use both of them in some form throughout the day.
  3. Ginger + Vitamin B6- Consume ginger in some form at the same time as the B6.
  4. Vitamin B6 + Unisom- Take these two at the same time. This combination is taken by a lot of pregnant women who have morning sickness. It will work for any kind of nausea though.
  5. All of them- I have had days where I used all of these things in one day. Hey, I was extremely desperate!

I hope these options help you

Nausea is an awful feeling. I have battled chronic nausea ever since I gave birth to my son so I feel for whoever else has to experience it.

The remedies I have listed may not work for everyone but I wanted to share them just in case someone was looking for relief.

What do you use/do for nausea?

Thanks for reading!

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