Things To Always Have Around For Nausea

You don’t need to spend the whole day by the toilet!

Everyone gets nausea occasionally. It is just a part of life unfortunately. Some of us (like me) experience it more frequently than others due to a variety of reasons.

The good thing is that there are a lot of things available that can help lessen the severity or get rid of the feeling completely. Since I am the self-professed “queen of nausea,” I wanted to make a post showing some good things to have in your house to deal with it.

All of the great OTC options!

Ginger is something many people have heard about when it comes to alleviating nausea. It has even been found to be superior to Dramamine (OTC drug used for motion sickness). The studies show that it can be effective for nausea that stems from chemotherapy, morning sickness, post-operative and other things.

It is good to keep it around in some form. You can get it in capsules, powder, tea, candy and essential oil. I use the capsules and powder on a daily basis due to the other benefits it has.

Vitamin B6 is something that women with morning sickness are recommended to take. While I didn’t use it during my pregnancy (I did not know that it would help with the morning sickness), I have found it works for my nausea flare-ups.

A dosage of 25 mg taken three times a day is said to be really helpful. It is important to not exceed 100 mg because of the risk of nerve damage.

Unisom is an OTC sleep medication that contains an antihistamine in it. Antihistamines are used a lot for allergies but they also treat nausea. It is safe for pregnant women with morning sickness and many have found great relief from it.

It has worked very well for me in the past. I do not use it as much anymore, admittedly . Even though it is a sleep medication, it did not make me tired for some reason. That was great because it meant that I could take it during the day.

Taking more than two of them a day for long periods of time is not recommended.

Nauzene syrup and chewable tablets are awesome to have around!

Syrup (the box on the left)- This is wonderful for people of all ages who are experiencing mild to severe nausea. It is safe and also has a pleasant, light taste. For me it works extremely well-even better than Zofran (a prescription ant-emetic) sometimes. It takes about 20 minutes or a little less to work. I do experience a bit of a “hangover” type effect with it where I am mildly drowsy but it doesn’t bother me.

A dose of the syrup is one or two tablespoons( an adult would need two). This can be repeated throughout the day. I try not to use it very much because the bottles are small and it can get expensive after a while.

Chewable tablets- These are not very tasty to be honest. They are chalky and the flavor is weird. I am still able to choke them down though. Just like the syrup, they take about 20 minutes to work. One dose is four tablets which can be repeated throughout the day. These are good for mild nausea and/or when you have gotten yourself too full from a meal.

Pink Stork is a wonderful company!

Magnesium body spray is great to have around. Not only for nausea but just to get in your magnesium requirement for the day. Being low in magnesium is said to cause nausea among other things.

Even though this Pink Stork (see here: body spray is marketed for pregnant women, I have found that it takes the edge off my nausea.

Peppermint is something that I (and many others) have found to be great for alleviating nausea. The Tummy Drops (see here: peppermint candy is a new product that I found and it works amazingly well. Other ways to get nausea relief from peppermint are by drinking it in tea form, breathing it in and putting the diluted essential oil on your skin (wrists, neck, belly and feet).


There is a brand called BeeYoutiful and they offer great probiotics. One of the products is called Tummy Tuneup (see here: and it is absolutely fantastic for helping with nausea! They really take the edge off quickly. I open them up and dump the powder into my mouth so I don’t have to wait for the capsule to be broken down if I swallow it whole.

They also offer it in a chewable tablet form which works great too.

The above picture is of my motion sickness wrist bands. They can take the edge off of nausea through acupuncture pressure points. They are definitely not the most powerful thing for nausea relief, but I believe they are worth it to have around just in case.

Combining them

These things that I listed can be combined instead of just using one of them at a time. This will provide a stronger anti-nausea effect.

Here are ways you can combine them:

  1. Nauzene syrup + ginger powder- Pour out a dose of the syrup and mix some ginger powder into it.
  2. Ginger + peppermint- You could drink a tea that included both of these things or just use both of them in some form throughout the day.
  3. Ginger + Vitamin B6- Consume ginger in some form at the same time as the B6.
  4. Vitamin B6 + Unisom- Take these two at the same time. This combination is taken by a lot of pregnant women who have morning sickness. It will work for any kind of nausea though.
  5. All of them- I have had days where I used all of these things in one day. Hey, I was extremely desperate!

I hope these options help you

Nausea is an awful feeling. I have battled chronic nausea ever since I gave birth to my son so I feel for whoever else has to experience it.

The remedies I have listed may not work for everyone but I wanted to share them just in case someone was looking for relief.

What do you use/do for nausea?

Thanks for reading!

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