Be Careful With Supplements: Vitex (Chasteberry)

For the past six or so years, I have been continuously trying to figure out how to deal with hormonal issues. This has led me to read about many different supplements and medications that have helped other women who go through the same things as I do. Vitex (a plant) is one of the things… Continue reading Be Careful With Supplements: Vitex (Chasteberry)


Two New PMS/PMDD Symptoms: Misophonia and Hyperacusis

Things have gotten worse over the past few years when it comes to my menstrual cycle symptoms. Some go away for a while then resurface again, some lessen in severity and some increase in severity. Unfortunately, the past few cycles have yielded new symptoms for me- misophonia and hyperacusis. I know that some other women… Continue reading Two New PMS/PMDD Symptoms: Misophonia and Hyperacusis

Dragging During Your Workouts? Blame Your Hormones!

As most people know, consistent exercise is important for a healthy life. There are just so many benefits that it gives us. Even if we are really into exercising (some might call that being a fitness freak), there are days where we may have a harder time getting through our workout sessions. There are also… Continue reading Dragging During Your Workouts? Blame Your Hormones!

What’s the Deal With Calcium?!

I love to read about all things health-especially women's health. One of my favorite past times is scouring articles/books for new information or just rereading information I already know. Lately, I have stumbled upon multiple resources talking about calcium. After reading about it more, I found that there are some clear benefits for it when… Continue reading What’s the Deal With Calcium?!

Fertile Window Flu: Yes, It Happens!

Feeling sick sucks! Especially when it is every month. We hear a lot about PMS and the misery it can cause for some women. Less is heard about the hormonal misery that can occur during other parts of our menstrual cycles. If you find that you feel sick around the time that you ovulate, you… Continue reading Fertile Window Flu: Yes, It Happens!