Period Power Book+ Review

I love to read stuff about women’s health. The topic is just really interesting to me.  Previously, I did a review of a book about women's health. It had some good information in it and I overall enjoyed it. I came across another one about periods called, Period Power by Maisie Hill and I just… Continue reading Period Power Book+ Review

Vitamin B6: I Can’t Believe I Gave This Up!

I have been suffering from worsening (like WAY worse) PMS symptoms for the past few months now. At first, I figured it was only due to the stress I have been from this whole pandemic situation. Thinking about it more has made me change my tune a little bit though. I remembered about a year… Continue reading Vitamin B6: I Can’t Believe I Gave This Up!

I Tried Period Panties and Here Is What Happened!

I am definitely not afraid to talk about periods and neither should anyone else be. It is a natural thing that women must go through. That being said, it can be pretty uncomfortable for a lot of us! There are different ways to deal with monthly bleeding and one of those ways is wearing period… Continue reading I Tried Period Panties and Here Is What Happened!