My Moderna Experience: The Whole Story

My Moderna Experience: The Whole Story

I know that people have strong opinions on both sides of the argument on whether the vaccine is safe to take or not. For me, getting the vaccine was necessary. Please know that I support everyone’s standpoint and believe that they should make their own decision when it comes to getting it.

All that being said, I would like to provide my full experience of getting the Moderna vaccine shots just in case someone is interested.

A little bit about the Moderna vaccine

Before I go into my experience, I wanted to list a few things that may be good to know about Moderna. They are as follows:

  • It does not contain the actual virus but has the spike protein that is on the surface of the virus.
  • To be fully vaccinated, you need two shots that are administered 28 days apart. Two weeks after the second shot is when one is considered protected.
  • Its efficacy rate is 94.1%.
  • You should avoid taking Tylenol right before and shortly after the shots because this may reduce how well the vaccine works in you.
  • There have been allergic reactions reported so one should look up the ingredients and see if they have an allergy to any of them.
  • You need to stay in an observation room for 15-30 minutes after getting each shot just in case you develop an allergic reaction.
  • The side effects may include pain/swelling at the injection site, fatigue, body aches, headaches, fever, chills, nausea, dizziness, metallic taste in the mouth, dry mouth and increased urinary frequency.
  • Side effects are usually worse after the second shot.

More about the vaccines can be found on multiple websites.

My first shot

I was extremely nervous before going in to get my first shot. This was because of all the bad things that have been said about these vaccines (too new, rushed, dangerous, unknown long term effects etc.).

I was worried that I was going to be one of the people to have a horrible reaction and die or something like that. This ended up causing me to completely freak out and cry uncontrollably in the car outside of the building. Another reason why I was nervous was because of the risk of possibly catching COVID-19 from others in the building.

I almost ended up missing my shot altogether because I was crying so much in the car. One of the nurses called me though and told me that there was still time.

So I wiped my tears and entered the building!

I was still shaking a bit so I had a bit of a hard time filling out the sheet on the clipboard. One of the staff members was looking at me funny so my discomfort must have been visible.

When it was my turn, I just sat down and got the shot. I was surprised that I did not feel the needle at all. The flu shot is way worse for me as far as needle pain goes.

A couple minutes after getting in the observation room, I felt a strange high-like feeling. My heart rate also increased. I almost went up to the staff member in the room and told him that I was feeling weird but I decided to ride it out.

After 15 minutes were up, I departed back to my car. My heart was no longer racing at that point and I felt a sense of peace that I had gone through with it after all.

Pain in my arm started a couple hours after getting home and it was pretty uncomfortable. I waited until the next day to take Tylenol so as not to reduce the efficacy of the vaccine.

The pain did get even worse but Tylenol worked well for me. My husband told me to massage the area and this helped with the pain as well.

The arm pain lasted about three days and then went away.

I also had some bad pains in my legs that would occur when seated Indian style. At the time I thought that I had pulled something but now looking back on it, I believe that it was part of my body’s response to the vaccine. This lasted about four days.

The last thing I noticed that happened to me between the first and second shot was that of my hunger being greatly increased. It was downright uncontrollable. I basically had to give up intermittent fasting for many days because I just could not handle the sheer intensity of the hunger.

Like the leg pain, I did not connect the vaccine and the hunger together at the time. When I think about it now, I am pretty sure the vaccine is what caused this hunger shift. It might have messed with my blood sugar or something.

The hunger thing seemed to last up until my second shot and I am glad I only gained 2 pounds (it is gone now).

My second shot

I was nervous to go in for my second shot because I knew that the last shot could lead to worse symptoms than the first one. This time though, I did not have a mental breakdown before I went into the building.

There were only three other people getting their shots at the same time as I was. This was nice and made me feel a little safer.

I just sat down for the painless shot and went to the observation room.

After a couple minutes in the room, I began to have that high-like feeling again. My heart rate also increased. This time I was not very worried and just rode it out like the last time.

The arm pain did not start up for the rest of the night. I did get a little the next day but it was nothing I needed Tylenol for this time.

I did however start to get flu-like symptoms. They began as mild aches, some chills once in a while and a slight headache. These symptoms eventually got worse, with nausea and a fever coming into play as well.

It was not fun at all. I ended up having to take a Tylenol because the body aches were so bad and my fever got up to 101.3. It was confusing to me because I actually felt worse than when I did when I had COVID-19.

The yucky flu feelings lasted for about 2.5 days which was good. After that though, my heart rate increased by a lot and I also began to have a lot of shortness of breath. This was reminiscent of when I had COVID-19 because I started experiencing those two things for months after “recovering.”

Unfortunately, the increased heart rate and shortness of breath went on for about 7 days after the 2.5 days of the “fake” flu. I could not workout very well and I was worried that I would never go back to normal.

I did eventually go back to my normal self though. As of right now I am feeling really good!

I really hope that the Moderna works to protect me against a reinfection- or at least a bad one. I am worried though about the variants that are popping up because scientists are saying that the vaccines have a reduced efficacy against them.

Would I go through the flu-like feelings, increased heart rate and shortness of breath again? Yes. COVID-19 is a bad virus to get. I do not want it again and would not wish it on anyone.

So there is my story!

There you have it- my full experience with the Moderna vaccine. I wanted to put it out in the world for there to be another story to read about in regards to how the vaccine effected someone.

If any of you have further questions about my experience, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am an open book on it.

As always, thank you for reading!

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I Got My First Vaccine Shot and Here Is How It Went!

I Got My First Vaccine Shot and Here Is How It Went!

I did a post recently about whether I was going to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not. If you did not read that, the answer was that I would indeed be getting the shot.

I got an email a few days ago, saying that I was able to register to get a vaccine due to me being a licensed daycare provider. The kicker was that I could only get it the very next day if I wanted it. I was apprehensive but I decided to sign up anyways.

In this post, I wanted to talk about how getting it went! Read on if interested.

The vaccine I got signed up to get

As you probably know, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the ones available in the United States. I had been wanting the Moderna shot due my husband’s and other people’s experiences with it.

Low and behold, Moderna was the one they were offering me! I was really excited about that and felt like my dreams had been answered (corny, I know).

Getting the vaccine

Even though I had been excited the day before, I became really scared the hour before my appointment. This was due to me thinking about people who have had horrible reactions to the vaccines and people who have allegedly died from them.

I ended up having a horrible panic attack which involved screaming and crying while outside of the vaccination place. This made me end up almost missing the appointment but a staff member called me from inside the building and said that there was still time to get it.

I took a deep breath and went up to the building. The masked staff let me in and that was that. I was going to commit to getting the shot.

There was only three other people in the building which was nice. I was still very jittery from my panic attack though.

I got the shot and sat in another room for 15 minutes for observation. I then departed the building out into the freezing cold.

After getting the vaccine

Right after I got in the car, I started shivering uncontrollably. I thought I was having a bad reaction to the vaccine but my husband said that it was probably just because I was cold and still dealing with panicked feelings.

The shivering stopped and I was fine again. I did not experience any pain in my arm for the rest of the night but I knew that I would eventually.

Indeed I did.

The next morning, I had quite the sore arm. So much so that I had a hard time raising it and would not be able to workout that evening. It was not too horrible to the point of where I could not do anything however.

I also developed some intermittent aches in my left leg. I do not know if the vaccine or PMS caused it but it was slightly annoying. Tylenol eased the discomfort in both my leg and arm, thankfully.

My current state

As I sit here typing this (50 hours since getting the shot), I am able to raise my arm all the way up without wincing in pain. Success!

The pain in my left leg has mostly gone away which is great. I was also able to exercise about an hour before doing this post.

In conclusion

This first shot has not been bad at all. I am worried about the second one because I have heard that is when it really hits you.

I just wanted to post this to have another account of a Moderna experience out there on the internet for others to see.

Thanks for reading!

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