Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

Fitness Blender Calorie Burn Comparison

I did another one of these Fitness Blender calorie burn comparisons a while ago now. It was interesting to see my number compared to the range that they give on their website.

I decided to do another comparison post just for fun. Read on if interested!

Which workout I chose and why

I chose Fitness Blender’s 43 minute Upper Body and Cardio Kickboxing Workout for this comparison. I had actually planned on doing one on a lower body workout as I had already done a comparison on an upper body workout. This video really caught my eye though.

I used to like kickboxing workouts back in my college days as it provided a good challenge for me cardiovascular wise and I thought it was fun. Combining those moves with upper body weightlifting seemed like it would make for a great workout.

About this workout

This upper body workout is 43 minutes long and is rated 4/5 on the difficulty scale. It contains a warm-up and a cool down with stretching.

The workout has three groups of kickboxing and three groups of strength training. First a kickboxing group is done and then a strength training group is done.

All the groups contain two different moves that are each repeated twice. Each move is done for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. That amounts to each exercise group taking four minutes.

After all of the exercise groups are done, there is a burnout round that includes four different exercises. They are each done for 45 seconds on and then 15 seconds off.

The calorie burn estimate range is 265-468.

My experience and calorie burn

As with all of Fitness Blender’s weight training workouts, I try to make some modifications to make them a little more challenging for me. For this one, all I did was make sure that I was choosing weights that were heavy enough to hit my muscles well.

I put my all into the kickboxing moves as I was in the mood for a tough workout at the time. My physical and mental energy levels were up!

I did not peek at my fitness watch at all during the workout to save the surprise for after I was done with it. Upon completion of it, I saw that I had burned 300 calories. This fell in the calorie burn estimate range that they gave.

Although I burned more calories with this one than the last one I did a post on, it was not my favorite workout in the world. The way it was arranged and the kickboxing elements just did not do it for me. I do recommend it to others though.

Another interesting comparison!

I officially really like doing these posts. It breaks up the monotony of my workout regimens that I do for around six weeks.

My next calorie burn comparison will be in a couple of weeks so if you like these posts, stay tuned!

You can find the workout here:

Thanks for reading!

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Upper/Lower Split Workout Routine: My Opinion

Upper/Lower Split Workout Routine: My Opinion

In my other post I talked about finding a workout routine that works for you. If weight lifting is something you want as part of your routine you will need to figure out how many times a week you want to do it and what muscles to focus on.

The upper/lower split is my favorite way to get weightlifting into my week.  One day is focused on the muscles of the upper body and the other day is focused on the muscles of the lower body. I do two days of upper and two days of lower which gives me four days of fat burning. You could do just three days if you want as well (lower/upper/lower, upper/lower/upper). My workouts consist of eight exercises but you can decide for yourself the number of exercises to do. In terms of cardio, it could be done on your weight lifting days if you only want to do 3-4 workouts a week in total.

I would highly recommend doing upper/lower body splits. You can get great results with it. Try it out!

Supersets In Weight lifting: My opinion

Supersets In Weight lifting: My opinion

I decided to do another post for the day about one of my favorite things…weight lifting! I have done a lot of reading about it over the years which led me to learning about different ways to organize exercises within my workouts. Supersets are one of the ways of doing this. Here is a review of what supersets are and my opinion of them:


This method involves organizing your workout so that you are doing sets of two exercises back to back without rest.


A1. Chest press

A2. Chest flies

This example would have you doing these two chest exercises one after the other which equals one superset. Your rest (1-2 minutes)would come after you finish the superset. Many people choose to repeat each superset in their workout three times. The next supersets would be labeled as B1, B2, C1,C2 etc.

My opinion: I love doing supersets! I currently superset my lower body workout. It gets my heart pumping a little more than just doing regular sets and I am guessing that it burns more calories. Also, it seems to make the workout go by faster. I would highly recommend incorporating supersets in your workout routine.