Upper/Lower Split Workout Routine: My Opinion

In my other post I talked about finding a workout routine that works for you. If weight lifting is something you want as part of your routine you will need to figure out how many times a week you want to do it and what muscles to focus on.

The upper/lower split is my favorite way to get weightlifting into my week.  One day is focused on the muscles of the upper body and the other day is focused on the muscles of the lower body. I do two days of upper and two days of lower which gives me four days of fat burning. You could do just three days if you want as well (lower/upper/lower, upper/lower/upper). My workouts consist of eight exercises but you can decide for yourself the number of exercises to do. In terms of cardio, it could be done on your weight lifting days if you only want to do 3-4 workouts a week in total.

I would highly recommend doing upper/lower body splits. You can get great results with it. Try it out!