I Tried Period Panties and Here Is What Happened!

I am definitely not afraid to talk about periods and neither should anyone else be. It is a natural thing that women must go through. That being said, it can be pretty uncomfortable for a lot of us! There are different ways to deal with monthly bleeding and one of those ways is wearing period… Continue reading I Tried Period Panties and Here Is What Happened!

Supplement for PCOS: Berberine

Treating PCOS is challenging. There are options available but as with all medications, they can be hit-or-miss for everyone. Since insulin resistance is common in many PCOS sufferers, treating that part of it will sometimes lead to a reduction in other symptoms we tend to have. There are several things (prescription medications, diet and supplements)… Continue reading Supplement for PCOS: Berberine

PCOS and Dating

PCOS causes symptoms that can negatively affect our appearance, fertility and ultimately our self esteem. This can make dating difficult if you don't feel good about yourself. It is hard enough for women without PCOS!The unfortunate truth is that some people might be turned off by some of the PCOS characteristics. These people are not… Continue reading PCOS and Dating

Hormone Horoscope Lite App: My review

Hormones have such an affect on humans. This is true physically and mentally. I, like other women, seem to have days during each month where I am feeling certain ways.This is all due to our hormones fluctuating. I have been keeping track of my cycle with an app on my phone for a few years… Continue reading Hormone Horoscope Lite App: My review