Hormone Horoscope Lite App: My review

Hormones have such an affect on humans. This is true physically and mentally. I, like other women, seem to have days during each month where I am feeling certain ways.

This is all due to our hormones fluctuating. I have been keeping track of my cycle with an app on my phone for a few years now. In the last year, I came across Hormone Horoscope Apps . Needless to say, I loved the idea and had to install one on my phone right away!

What this app is

The Hormone Horoscope Lite App is one of the apps offered by a woman named Gabrielle Lichterman. She is the developer of Hormonology and helps women understand their hormonal cycles.

The Hormone Horoscope Apps include Pro, Lite, Teen Pro, Teen Lite, Female Forecaster and Classic. They all send reports about what our day is going to be like based on what day of our cycle we are in.

These daily horoscopes mention what our emotions might be like, how social we will be, our energy levels (physical and mental) and more. There is also a bit of science thrown in to each report so you know that they are legitimate.

Why I love the Hormone Horoscope Lite App

I admittedly don’t put much stock into astrology horoscopes. The fact that there is actual science behind the hormone horoscopes makes me feel better about having it on my phone. In fact, I love having it on my phone!

Getting my notification every morning about how my day might go is really neat. They all have been really accurate for me. Almost scarily so.

If you have read my other blog posts you would know that I have suffer from chronic stomach issues. There is one horoscope that says how women might have a flare-up of chronic issues and it is so true. I always have my problems on that day.

The daily report on socializing is also always accurate for me. There are days where I wish that I could go out and talk to anyone while wearing a cute outfit. Then there are days where I want to just sit on the couch with baggy clothes and not move very much.

Long story short, I love this app and find it really helpful. I like the way the information is written and how I can plan my day around what my hormones might be doing.

Would I recommend it to others?

I would definitely recommend it to other women who want insight into what their hormones are doing everyday of the month. As I said above, it really helps you with planning out your day because of what you may be feeling, mentally and physically.

It is important to note that it might not be worth getting it if you have hormonal issues. Although I have PCOS, my cycles are regular. I know that a lot of women with PCOS have irregular cycles so it might not be accurate for them.

The Lite version is free to download. It might not have as many features as the Pro version ($1.99) but it is still really informative. I do not feel as though I need to buy the other one as Lite is good enough for me.

Here is the website for Hormonology: https://www.myhormonology.com/

Do you have this app on your phone? If so, what do you think about it?

Thanks for reading!

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