Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

Here Is How I Get Through My Tough Workouts!

I love to workout at home. It is more “relaxed” that way. There is no waiting for equipment, having to hurry up so someone else can use the equipment, possibly getting sick from some infectious person that decided they needed to workout, having to listen to annoying people chatter etc.

Another thing I love about working out from home is the ability to turn on whatever I want for entertainment! It really helps to make my workouts successful.

If you want to know what I have used and currently use as entertainment during my exercise sessions, then read on!

Before college- magazines and music

When I first started working out on a weekly basis, I would read magazines on the cardio machines. This meant that I was not getting the best cardio work in that I could. I mean, who can read when they are doing high intensity intervals?

At that point in time, I thought steady state cardio was great for my fitness. It was extremely boring though so that is why I read magazines while doing it.

I was so naive back then!

When it came to doing weightlifting at the gym, there was only one TV and quite a few other people there. This meant that I would most likely not get a choice on what to turn on. I was at the mercy of what others wanted which always seemed to be some awful program.

Because of not liking what other people picked on the TV, I decided to just wear my Ipod on my arm and listen to a mix of songs while lifting weights.

College days-Nothing!

During my time at college, I loved going to the gym.

I was somehow able to get through my workouts with absolutely no entertainment. There was no television, no music that would be playing, no magazines and I did not feel like bringing my Ipod with me.

I got in some awesome workouts despite not having the extra boost of motivation from TV and music.

After college

When I graduated and moved back home, I started going back to the same local gym I had gone to before.

This time I was armed with the knowledge that having a great workout meant that I would not be able to read on the cardio machine I was on. Because of this, I did tough cardio sessions-keeping them short but effective.

For the weightlifting at the gym, I was used to having no entertainment. That meant I just did whatever I was going to do and left. No music and no hoping I would get a turn with the TV.

Fast forward to now

Ended up working out to this zombie movie on Netflix before making this post!

I have been working out 100% at home since I got my first house in 2012. I ended my gym membership and bought Powerblock weights (they go up to 50 pounds per hand) that I still use.

For my very first workout in my first home, I put on a show that I liked at that time (I think it was Dog The Bounty Hunter, haha!). It was really fun and I have been putting on shows during my workouts ever since!

I do not care what any one has to say about having the TV on while working out. It motivates me and I still get quality exercise sessions in each week.

When I close the door to my bedroom each night I exercise, it is my special time. I get to do something that is healthy for my body while watching things that make me happy. It is my definition of self-care.

So here is what I have been turning on lately:

  1. Monk (Amazon Prime)- This was one of my favorite shows a few years ago and I decided to start watching it again.
  2. Paternity Court (Roku channel)- The trashiness keeps me going.
  3. Golden Girls (Hulu)- I love this feel-good show!
  4. Working Moms (Netflix)- Super fun show!
  5. X-Files- Has been my favorite show since I was seven!

I will have to look through the streaming services and compile a list of other shows to watch soon!

Exercising is fun to me

Saying that might sound really weird to some, but it is true. I have figured out what makes it tolerable for me.

It is important for everyone to find ways to make exercise something they can do each week! You do not have to necessarily be excited about your workouts but at least be able to get through them and be consistent.

What do you watch/listen to when you workout?

Thanks for reading!

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15 Ways To Get Through Intense Workouts

15 Ways To Get Through Intense Workouts

Looking into upping the ante on your workouts?Awesome! Doing more intense workouts than you are used to can be really uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are things you can do that will help you to successfully complete your sweat sessions. This post will give you some ideas.

The 15 ways

1. Mentally prepare yourself beforehand- Psych yourself up! Think about how good you will feel afterwards.

2. Make sure to put rest days in your routine- Recovering from your new, higher intensity workouts will make it easier for you to keep doing them in the long run. Our bodies need rest once in a while!

3. Let injuries heal- If you get injured, you need to make sure it heals before trying to get through your intense workouts. You definitely don’t want to make things worse because overtime it will be hard to do the type of workouts you really want to do.

4. Listen to your body while doing the workout- Don’t push yourself so far beyond what you can do at the time because you may be at risk for injuries.

5. Make it worth your while- It is easier to keep going through the workout if you know it will lead to you reaching a goal you have for yourself.

6. Correct form- Keep your form right so you can actually get through the workouts without injuries.

7. Wear something comfortable but not too loose- If you are feeling stuffed in your outfit or it is too baggy causing you to trip/ get caught under things, it will be hard to have an intense workout.

8. Turn a fan on if you can- This will help because you are bound to start getting really hot during an intense workout.

9. Take water breaks- Hydrating throughout the workout will help keep you going. It is hard to keep up the intensity with a really dry mouth. I have found that taking sips of water instead of gulping a lot down is better.

10. Eat two to three hours beforehand- This will help so that your belly isn’t full while you workout. You might puke if you workout intensely shortly after you eat.

11. Put on some good workout music- If playing music is your thing while you workout, pick songs that will rev you up so that you can keep going.

12. Remember that It won’t last forever- Keep reminding yourself throughout the workout that it is almost over.

13. Put on an entertaining show/movie- This might help if music playing during your workout isn’t your thing.

14. Keep track of your workouts (see this one: This can be helpful to look at before you start working out. Seeing how far you have come might help motivate you to get an intense session in.

15. Consider a pre-workout supplement- These can help you get energy and power that will help with getting through an intense workout. You must be aware of the risks and side effects though. Remember that I am not a medical professional so I am not telling you what to do or not to do. Just an idea!

This is all I can think of right now. If you have more ideas, please feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

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Supersets In Weight lifting: My opinion

Supersets In Weight lifting: My opinion

I decided to do another post for the day about one of my favorite things…weight lifting! I have done a lot of reading about it over the years which led me to learning about different ways to organize exercises within my workouts. Supersets are one of the ways of doing this. Here is a review of what supersets are and my opinion of them:


This method involves organizing your workout so that you are doing sets of two exercises back to back without rest.


A1. Chest press

A2. Chest flies

This example would have you doing these two chest exercises one after the other which equals one superset. Your rest (1-2 minutes)would come after you finish the superset. Many people choose to repeat each superset in their workout three times. The next supersets would be labeled as B1, B2, C1,C2 etc.

My opinion: I love doing supersets! I currently superset my lower body workout. It gets my heart pumping a little more than just doing regular sets and I am guessing that it burns more calories. Also, it seems to make the workout go by faster. I would highly recommend incorporating supersets in your workout routine.