Yoga For PMS/PMDD: Can It Help?

If you are like me and deal with bad PMS/PMDD symptoms, you probably regularly search for relief. You also probably feel like you have tried everything there is! I have been hearing/reading about yoga and its benefits for many years now. A couple weeks ago, I randomly wondered about whether practicing it could help with… Continue reading Yoga For PMS/PMDD: Can It Help?


3 Super Comfortable Workout/Lounge Pant Options

As a person with sensory processing issues who sits and applies for jobs fruitlessly- I require comfortable pants (yoga and sweatpants). I also need some for when I workout and am bloated. Over the years, I have looked for and gone through many different kinds of these pants. I can finally say that I found… Continue reading 3 Super Comfortable Workout/Lounge Pant Options