3 Super Comfortable Workout/Lounge Pant Options

As a person with sensory processing issues who sits and applies for jobs fruitlessly- I require comfortable pants (yoga and sweatpants). I also need some for when I workout and am bloated.

Over the years, I have looked for and gone through many different kinds of these pants. I can finally say that I found the best ones for me. In this post, I will be sharing what they are and where I found them so that maybe whoever is reading this can try them out!

Sensory processing issues

Sensory processing disorders are said to exist in up to 16% of the population (US). These issues are characterized by the inability to respond “normally” to certain sensations (touch, auditory, movement, smell, taste and vision), . This comes in the form of either overreacting or underreacting to them.

Since everyone is different, the sensations that one overreacts/underreacts to are different. They also range in severity. The following are some examples of how sensory processing disorders might present:

  • Yelling and pulling away after being lightly touched.
  • Not liking the feel of something in their hands which makes them refuse to touch it.
  • Spinning around for long periods of time.
  • Not able to handle certain fabrics on their skin and need soft fabric.
  • Not liking the texture of certain foods.
  • Frequently smelling things.
  • Not liking the feeling of swinging and avoiding climbing.

There are so many other examples than this but they should give you an idea of the disorder if you don’t know about it already.

Sensory processing disorders are seen in many people with disabilities. These include autism, ADHD, auditory processing disorder, speech delays and cognitive deficits. It can also be seen in people without disabilities, although it is at a lower rate.

To treat sensory processing disorders in children, an occupational therapist and/or physical therapist is typically involved. They are able to help get them to respond better and/or be more comfortable with sensory input.

About my sensory processing issues

I have a diagnosis of what is called, nonverbal learning disorder. It is a lot like autism except that visual-spatial skills are lacking in individuals that have it. People with this disorder also experience sensory processing issues.

Certain fabric (especially jeans!) on my skin feels awful. It is not painful exactly-more like a creepy, crawly sensation. Because of this, I have always tried to avoid wearing clothes that are made out of them.

Instead, I have gone for comfort. This has meant the clothes were/are soft and either roomy or on the tighter side.

This sensory issue of mine has disrupted my life a bit. While I figured out what I can wear that makes me feel “safe,” there have been and will be times where I have to wear something that isn’t the right fabric. In the past, I would have somewhat of a tantrum when the “icky” fabrics would touch my skin. Now, I am able to remain calm on the outside even if I am screaming on the inside.

Becoming a stay-at-home mom has been good in the sense that I can wear whatever I want but I need to get a job and probably won’t have that luxury when I do!

Also, bloating

Not only do I have sensory processing issues, I also get bloated a few days before and for one day during my period. It is pretty unpleasant to say the least.

Although I do keep around at-home remedies that help reduce the bloating in a short amount of time, they don’t take care of it completely. My bloating was actually worse the past three cycles for whatever reason.

Because of this bloating, I need to have access to comfortable pants that will accommodate the increased size and discomfort along with being sensory-friendly on my skin.

3 super comfortable lounge/workout pants options

  1. Victoria’s Secret Incredible Yoga Foldover Flare Legging

So, mine are the older version of these flare yoga pants that Victoria’s Secret sells but I am sure they are still very similar. They are soft and comfortable. I also really like that they come in different inseam sizes as most pants are too long for me.

I bought a few pairs of these pants (they used to be cheaper!) in a size large with the intention that they would be just for lounging around the house. Not only are they great for that but they are also my go-to for workouts and house cleaning.

When I am bloated, these are perfect due to how roomy they are.

2. Venus Basic Leggings

Don’t mind the wrinkles.

These are awesome leggings! I wasn’t so sure if I would like them at first but they turned out to be a great buy. They are super comfortable due to being of a cotton blend. They also hold up really well and for a long time with frequent washing/drying.

I have these in gray, black and navy with two pairs of each color. They are great for most of my menstrual cycle but I have to go to my roomier yoga pants on the days when I am bloated.

These leggings work well for lounging and going out in public, too. Just pair them with some cute flats and get out there! They are not that great to workout in though.

3. AFITNE Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are a recent purchase of mine and I love them dearly! Although, they are not cotton-I still find them very comfortable.

The description on Amazon states that these pants streamline the way one’s lower body looks and I find that to be very true. I really do like the way I look in these. They are also great for working out in.

My only gripe about these pants is that they aren’t very comfortable during the days when I am bloated (even less so than the Venus leggings). So again, I have to go to the roomier pants.

So, there you have it!

These are my three favorite pants to wear on a daily basis. They are cute (my opinion) and comfortable. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for some lounge and/or workout pants.

What lounge and/or workout pants are you wearing these days?

Thanks for reading!

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