That time I got Juvederm Injections…

In  early 2014, I became pregnant.  When I gave birth in December of that year I was excited to get my body back in shape. I started to work on it the day that I was released from the hospital. My goal was to get back in my favorite jeans in six months time.

My post partum shape up began with body weight workouts and less calories than what I was used to eating (but nothing too low). After a while, I started using weights again for my exercise routine. I also did a post partum Pilates DVD workout two times a week.

I seemed to be getting back in shape pretty quickly which I loved. Unfortunately, at around three months post partum  I noticed something weird about my face. There were these annoying lines forming. At first they were just faint but then after a couple weeks of me noticing them, they got deeper.

I searched on the internet about these lines and found out that they are called “nasolabial folds.” Just reading that they usually happen to people who are considerably older than me made me feel really self conscious. I was left thinking, “I am black! Why am I aging so poorly?!”

I had heard of facial injections before but I really did not want to go that route. People on forums recommended facial exercises and drinking green smoothies everyday to get rid of them. I tried these things for a while and my nasolabial folds did not get better. In fact, I think the face exercises made the folds worse. I must have been doing them wrong or something.

After doing more research, I  decided to take the plunge and get Juvederm. It is one of the dermal fillers on the market and it contains hyaluronic acid. It is expensive and it

That is how bad the folds were bothering me. I found a medical spa in town and booked an appointment. The cost was going to be $600 per vial and I was willing to pay for only one in hopes that it would be enough for me.

I was pretty nervous going into the back room of the spa because I thought it was going to hurt really bad. The registered nurse was very nice and calmed me down. She did try to sell me lip injections though which I thought was kind of silly.  I definitely do not need my lips to be bigger but I realized that she was just doing her job.

The injections only caused a little bit of stinging  due to the lidocaine that was in it and the fact that she had me numb the areas with ice beforehand. I received half of the vial in each fold and the results were amazing! Seeing my reflection in the mirror made me feel so good because I looked refreshed without those folds being prominent.

This was back in 2015 and I have not gotten injections done since then because I do not have the folds anymore. I am thinking that the nasolabial folds showed up because I was losing weight fast and then eventually my face snapped back to the way it used to be. Or maybe it is my perception that changed. Who knows. All I know is that I do not feel the need to go back for another injection.

Someone might think I am really vain for getting this procedure done and that is fine. Maybe I am vain. I had the money at the time and did my research on it so I decided to take the risk. This was my own decision to make.

Have any of you had Juvederm injections or are thinking about it?