Mini SHEIN Haul + Review

I saw SHEIN ads on various sites that I visited. Upon visiting it, I ended up buying a few things.

Here are the things I bought and what I think of them! Apologies in advance for the pictures. My phone camera sucks and I am not a model.

I shouldn’t have, but I did

Money is tight right now, so buying extra stuff that I do not need was not good of me. I feel guilty but I think I will get over it.

Okay, onto what I bought…

Cook pajama set-

I saw this top and shorts set when looking in the pajama section of the site. The cuteness made me want to buy it.

They are super soft and comfortable. The set I got is a size medium and fits very well. It seems to be of good quality for being only $10.

There are a bunch of other cute pajama sets on the site. This is the one I got:,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Customers%20Also%20Viewed~~SPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0~~0

Thank You-Enjoy crop top

I thought this crop top was so cute and when I saw the price, I could not pass it up.

It is pretty tight but still comfortable to me. I got it in a size medium for $6.00.

Just like the pajama set, there are ton of other crop tops on the site. Here is the one I got:,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Recommendations%20For%20You~~SPcCategoryRecommendationsForYou~~0~~0

Protective goggles

Yes, that is me in the reflection.

I came across these protective goggles on the site and bought two of them (the other one not pictured does not have a pink strip on it). The goggles are pretty good quality and come with a super nice case. They cost $4 each.

I keep reading about how we should be wearing eye protection when we are out in public. While I have not been anywhere besides my backyard since March 9th, I want to be prepared just in case I do have to go somewhere in the future.

There are other protective goggles you can choose from on the site. Here are the ones I got:

That is it for this haul!

I only got a few things from SHIEN but that is okay because I really shouldn’t have bought anything.

I think I got lucky with this order as I have seen that other people have been unhappy with the things they have bought from the store. That is not unique to SHEIN though.

I like the variety of things that are sold on that site (clothes, beauty products, toys, accessories etc.). It is all so fun to look at! I will probably buy some other things from them at some point.

Thanks for reading!

#shein #shoppinghaul #loungewear #covid19 #ppe #pajamas


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