Fragrance Free Deodorant Options + Review

Fragrance-Free Deodorant Options + Reviews

My husband has severe fragrance allergies. It is unfortunate because there are fragrances in seemingly everything!

Before I met him, I was using a lot of hygiene products that had scents in them. For a while he was able to handle them but as the years have gone by, he can no longer do that. I have to use all fragrance-free products now.

Deodorant is one thing that is really important to put on everyday (in my opinion). There are a few different ones on the market that are fragrance-free. For this post, I will be telling you about some of them and giving my reviews.

My armpit needs

I get rather sweaty and stinky in my armpits. It is embarrassing to admit but it is true. The sweating and stench are even worse when I am nervous. Yuck!

I also deal with itchiness sometimes. Scratching the itch is not a good idea but sometimes I can not help it.

Because of these three issues, I need a deodorant that will combat them as well as last at least most of the day.

Fragrance-free deodorant option: Almay Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant and Deodorant

This is a clear gel that is said to be hypoallergenic. The label states that it will not leave white marks upon drying. It is sold in 2.25 ounces and costs about $2.30. Find it here:

My review-

First, I was excited to see that this was truly fragrance-free. Some products will say that it is fragrance-free, but the ingredients will list that there is a masking fragrance in it (that is still a fragrance!).

After this dried on my skin, there were no white marks. Clear gels do not always stay clear so I was happy that this one did.

For controlling the stink and sweat of my armpits, it only did an okay job. I applied it in the morning at around eight and I needed to apply it again at around 1 in the afternoon. It is my preference to have something that lasts the whole day so this one missed the mark on that.

I will not be purchasing this one again, but I would recommend it for others to try. I just may have a super advanced case of armpit woes.

Fragrance-free deodorant option: Vanicream Antiperspirant/ Deodorant- Clinical Strength

Vanicream is a company that offers a lot of hygiene products that are fragrance-free. They are all also free of other things that could irritate one’s skin.

This antiperspirant/deodorant is a solid, white formula and is said to last 24 hours. It is sold in 2.25 ounces and costs around $9.25 each. You can find it here:

My review-

I love that Vanicream products are actually fragrance-free. Their sunscreen works well for me so I thought I would try their deodorant too.

This product worked very well for my stench and sweat issues. Although it did not last 24 hours, I was quite happy with the 11 hours I got out of it. It also felt good on my skin.

The things I did not like about it were the cost (it is expensive in my opinion) and the fact that it leaves white marks. It did not say “invisible solid” on it though so I should not have expected it to be invisible on my skin. My fault!

I would still recommend this product to other people despite my two gripes with it.

Fragrance-free deodorant option: Mitchum Triple Odor Defense-48 hour Unscented

This is a clear gel formula that is supposed to last 48 hours and provide a strong protection against odor. It is sold in 3.4 ounces and cost $5 for a pack of two. You can find it here:

My review-

So first of all, this is not fragrance-free even though it says, “unscented.” It is too bad I did not look at the ingredients before buying it. We still ended up using it a few times though.

For me, it does last for 48 hours which I think is great. It also dries a little bit white but I do not really mind.

It bothers my husband when it is on him but for some reason it does not bother him when it is on me. Because of this, it will remain in my deodorant rotation.

I would recommend this one to others if they do not have a severe fragrance allergy.

Fragrance-free deodorant option: Sure 48 Hr Confidence Antiperspirant and Deodorant

This is a solid formula that is supposed to last for 48 hours. You can get a pack of three (2.7 ounces each) for $10. Find it here:

My review-

This is another one where I should have looked at the ingredients. There is still fragrance added to it and this one is very strong (stronger than Mitchum). It was so bad that it triggered my husband’s asthma right away when I took the seal off the top of it.

We ended up disposing of it outside without having tried it.

I would not recommend this one if you are looking for something that is truly fragrance free. If you like strong fragrances, this may be one to try though.

Fragrance-free deodorant option: Dry Idea Advanced Dry Anti-perspirant and Deodorant

This is a clear gel formula that may last 72 hours. The sticks are three ounces and you can get a pack of four for $21. You can find them here:

My review-

This one is truly fragrance free but it does have a slight “sea salt” smell to it due to the ingredients. It is very pleasant and does not trigger my husband’s asthma.

The whole 72 hours is probably a bit of a stretch for most people I am guessing. It does last 10 hours for me which I am just fine with! It lasts even longer for my husband.

It seems to take a little bit longer to dry than some other deodorants I have used throughout my life but that is no big deal. When it does dry though, it is invisible.

This is the one that we will be continuing to buy on a regular basis because it works great for both of us. I would highly recommend it to others looking for an actual fragrance free deodorant.

Fragrance free living is tough

Although I have gotten over not being able to have fragrances on me, I do miss them sometimes. I know that I can never go back to using products with them in it for the sake of my husband’s well-being though.

I am so glad to see that there are an increasing amount of fragrance-free products out there. Maybe other people will catch on to the fact that they do not need to be walking around smelling like a radioactive strawberry all the time.

I am very happy with the Mitchum and Dry Idea deodorants. There are a couple of other fragrance-free ones we have not tried yet though so I will look into those just in case these two stop working for whatever reason.

What deodorant works best for you? Have you ever tried any fragrance-free ones?

Thanks for reading!

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