This Is The Best Body Wash!

That is a subjective statement but I swear to you that this stuff in the picture above is great! This is why I felt like I had to do a review on it. Read on for more information about this awesome find of mine. I needed a new body wash For a long time I… Continue reading This Is The Best Body Wash!

Fragrance-Free Living: The Best Products

I have had to adjust to my husband's fragrance allergies over the years. They have increased in severity which means that we have to be even more careful these days. We have tried many products labeled as being fragrance free-some have worked and some haven't. I can proudly say that right now we are using… Continue reading Fragrance-Free Living: The Best Products

All About Mast Cell Diseases + A Short Book Review

As I have said in a quite a few of my posts- I am always trying to "crack the code" on myself. My physical and physiological state has not been optimal for a while as I struggle with symptoms that pop up frequently. Very recently, I heard about mast cells and how they can pose… Continue reading All About Mast Cell Diseases + A Short Book Review

Claritin for Severe PMS/PMDD: My Experiment and Results

If you have read any of my blog posts before, you may know that I deal with pretty bad PMS/PMDD symptoms. This has led me down the path of trying to "crack the code" on myself. By that I mean I have been searching for ways to fix these hormonal problems of mine. A couple… Continue reading Claritin for Severe PMS/PMDD: My Experiment and Results

Fragrance Free Deodorant Options + Review

Fragrance-Free Deodorant Options + Reviews My husband has severe fragrance allergies. It is unfortunate because there are fragrances in seemingly everything! Before I met him, I was using a lot of hygiene products that had scents in them. For a while he was able to handle them but as the years have gone by, he… Continue reading Fragrance Free Deodorant Options + Review