Pinterest Recipe Try-Out: Ice Cream Cake

I believe in having treats every once in a while because um…why not? It is not going to send me immediately into obesity or anything like that.

When I saw this ice cream cake recipe on Pinterest, I knew right away that I had to make it.

Here is how it went as well as the taste verdict!

Why the ice cream cake?

I love to look at Pinterest for recipes but I usually do not try any of them out. The ones I have tried out previously were not good so I was leery of trying another one.

On a recent Pinterest scroll, I came across this Dairy Queen Copy Cat Ice Cream Cake. It was really “speaking” to me so clicked on the link for it. Since I have very fond memories of eating Dairy Queen cakes, I decided that I was going to make it for my family and I.

I felt that this recipe would have a lot higher chance of being edible due to the fact that it is mainly ice cream.

Making the cake

I decided to start making the cake in the morning so that it would be good and ready for dessert that evening. The recipe is easy but it does take a few hours.

First step: Line the pan (I used a springform) with parchment paper and make the oreo crumbles.

I could have eaten all of those crumbles!

I used more Oreos than the recipe called for-just because. It was hard to refrain from tasting some of the crumbles due to Oreos being my favorite junk food.

Second step: Spread softened chocolate ice cream in pan

I am sure people who are actually good in the kitchen made the ice cream all one level and flat in the pan, but I am not good in the kitchen at all! Oh well…

Into the freezer this went to firm up!

Third step: Assemble the fudge and Oreo crumble layer

Boiled heavy cream melting that chocolate!

Fudge and Oreos together? Yaaaaaaas! At this point, I already knew that it was going to be the best part of the cake.

Fourth step: Softened vanilla ice cream goes on top

Right by the peas that will never be eaten.

Into the freezer this goes to firm up once again. As you can see, I did not get this layer of ice cream level either. Whatevs.

Fifth step: Make and put on the frosting

Morning sickness puke-bowl turned into an important kitchen item!

Making the frosting was the most annoying part for me because it seemed to take a long time. It was very necessary though!

Sixth step: Frost and garnish the cake

The ugly!

I am really bad at frosting cakes and decorating them. In fact, no recipe I have ever made came out looking as nice as it did for the author. The above picture is the best I could do.

After this step, I put it back in the freezer for a couple hours.

How did it taste?

We were all really excited to try it. I decided to take the first bite because I do not want to let anyone have to eat something that tastes like trash.

That first bite and each subsequent one, were all amazing! It tasted just like the Dairy Queen cakes I remember. My husband and son loved it too.

This cake is definitely something I will make again in the future. Super easy and delicious! I would highly recommend it.

Everyone should have a treat once in a while!

I know that many people like to be strict with their diets but I believe it is perfectly fine to deviate from them a little bit. Like I said before, why not?

You work hard in life so treat yourself! Hell, I do not work half as hard as other people and I still do.

Do any of you make recipes you find on Pinterest? If so, which one has been your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

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