Great Eats From Around The Net

We get all our food delivered in our household! So, I am always on the hunt for new food/recipes to try. I usually scour sites like foodgawker and allrecipes to find some yummy stuff. A while ago, I did a post showing you some eats/drinks I had been enjoying. Well, I have some more to… Continue reading Great Eats From Around The Net


How About This Kooky Cookie Recipe?!

I felt like baking a treat for my family the other day. It needed to be something that I hadn't made before. This led me to finding banana chocolate chip cookie recipes which sounded really good to me. I ended up taking one of the recipes and making it into my own by infusing tea… Continue reading How About This Kooky Cookie Recipe?!

Easy Anti-Inflammatory Soup

These past couple of months, my husband and I have been enjoying making a chicken soup that provides lots of health related benefits for us. Today I am going to share it with you all! Lots of healthy goodies! My husband has IBS so we try to make things that do not make his symptoms… Continue reading Easy Anti-Inflammatory Soup

Oolong Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay so I forgot to take a picture this time but I swear they looked a lot like this! I really enjoyed baking the Matcha tea cookies and dropping some off at family member's houses for them to try. Since I love to experiment in the kitchen (especially with tea), I decided to use up… Continue reading Oolong Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pinterest Recipe Try-Out: Ice Cream Cake

I believe in having treats every once in a while because um…why not? It is not going to send me immediately into obesity or anything like that. When I saw this ice cream cake recipe on Pinterest, I knew right away that I had to make it. Here is how it went as well as… Continue reading Pinterest Recipe Try-Out: Ice Cream Cake