Fragrance-Free Living: The Best Products

I have had to adjust to my husband's fragrance allergies over the years. They have increased in severity which means that we have to be even more careful these days. We have tried many products labeled as being fragrance free-some have worked and some haven't. I can proudly say that right now we are using… Continue reading Fragrance-Free Living: The Best Products


6 Steps to Get Rid of Unwanted Scents In Your Hair

Ahhhh coffee! Not just for drinking. Hello all! I had a strong scent in my hair that I needed to get out as soon as possible. After numerous tries, I finally got it out. If you are in this situation, read on for an effective way to get that pesky smell or fragrance out of… Continue reading 6 Steps to Get Rid of Unwanted Scents In Your Hair

Fragrance Free Deodorant Options + Review

Fragrance-Free Deodorant Options + Reviews My husband has severe fragrance allergies. It is unfortunate because there are fragrances in seemingly everything! Before I met him, I was using a lot of hygiene products that had scents in them. For a while he was able to handle them but as the years have gone by, he… Continue reading Fragrance Free Deodorant Options + Review