How About This Kooky Cookie Recipe?!

I felt like baking a treat for my family the other day. It needed to be something that I hadn't made before. This led me to finding banana chocolate chip cookie recipes which sounded really good to me. I ended up taking one of the recipes and making it into my own by infusing tea… Continue reading How About This Kooky Cookie Recipe?!

Here Are Some Yummy Eats!

I have been consuming some good stuff (in my opinion) these days. For this post, I wanted to share them with you all so that you can have some new ideas of things to eat and drink! My recent eats and drinks Johnsonville Fully Cooked Original Bratwurst These are absolutely delicious (in my opinion). After… Continue reading Here Are Some Yummy Eats!

A Great Blueberry Snack Option!

I have been looking for new options for snacks as I was getting tired of the same old stuff. Recently, I came across some that used frozen berries as an ingredient. I tried one and thought it was delicious! In this post, I will be talking about/showing you the blueberry snack I came up with… Continue reading A Great Blueberry Snack Option!

My PCOS Journal Is Here!

I am really excited that my PCOS journal is ready to buy. My belief is that it will really help someone that is dealing with the diagnosis. In this post, I will discussing my journal in depth. Why a PCOS journal? I wanted to make a PCOS journal because helping other women/non-binary people is one… Continue reading My PCOS Journal Is Here!

Let’s Get Cute For Spring!

It is getting warmer (or maybe it already is warm/hot where you are), the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming life anew. Even though the world is still on fire, there is no reason we can't all look cute! In this post, I will show you what I am wearing these days. Cute and… Continue reading Let’s Get Cute For Spring!