Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

Whether you believe COVID-19 is a hoax or not- it is affecting a lot of people in various ways. I have been one of the people affected by it so it is very real to me. If you are a believer in the virus and you have read articles that come out on it-you may… Continue reading Sleep Is Important for COVID-19 + REMfresh Review

My Post-COVID Adventures: How I Am Doing

After having a 12 day bout of COVID early on in the pandemic, I suffered for months with uncomfortable symptoms. They all ranged in severity, frequency and prominence. Bottom line- it was not fun! Read on if you want to know how I am doing now. The acute phase of my COVID infection It all… Continue reading My Post-COVID Adventures: How I Am Doing

My Moderna Experience: The Whole Story

I know that people have strong opinions on both sides of the argument on whether the vaccine is safe to take or not. For me, getting the vaccine was necessary. Please know that I support everyone's standpoint and believe that they should make their own decision when it comes to getting it. All that being… Continue reading My Moderna Experience: The Whole Story

NAC Supplementation and COVID-19

At this current time, there are very few proven treatments for COVID-19. There are even less for those that suffer from long-COVID (like, none). Many people have turned to looking at readily available supplements and medications as a way to weather the storm of COVID-19 at home. NAC (n-acetyl-cystein) is one supplement that some talk… Continue reading NAC Supplementation and COVID-19

My 1 Year COVID-19 Anniversary

My first year of COVID has now officially wrapped up. Unfortunately it has not stopped though as I am moving swiftly into my second year. This post is all about how I am doing with my post-COVID "long-hauling." Brief history of my COVID-19 journey It was March 3rd, 2020 when I first started showing symptoms… Continue reading My 1 Year COVID-19 Anniversary