OMG, I Stink! (PCOS and Body Odor)

We don't always smell like roses! Do you have a PCOS diagnosis and deal with bad body odor? If you do, you may be wondering if there is a correlation or causation to it. I decided to do a deeper dive on this topic because I was curious myself. Stay with me if you are… Continue reading OMG, I Stink! (PCOS and Body Odor)

My Fitness Program Book is Here!

I love creating workout routines for myself and others. Recently, I created an at-home, 16 week fitness program and it is finally ready on Amazon! In this post, I will be discussing more about it. Why I love working out at home I have been working out at home for many years now and will… Continue reading My Fitness Program Book is Here!

What I Learned From Tracking My Health

Months ago, I created my very own book that combined a health tracker and daily planner all in one. I did this because I wanted to be able to do these two things daily without having to get two different books. I am coming up on a year of using these and it has been… Continue reading What I Learned From Tracking My Health

Discussing and Reviewing Three Protein Drink Options

Back when I was in college, I used to consume protein drinks frequently. I eventually got sick of them and stopped. Recently, I have been back into having them again. For this post, I will be discussing three different protein drink options I have been consuming and give my reviews on them. Why do people… Continue reading Discussing and Reviewing Three Protein Drink Options

All of My Women’s Health Journals and Planners!

Hey all! I decided to make a post with all of my women's health journals and planners in one place. They do come in different covers so I will just put the best looking ones on here along with a description of each. My books! Women's Health Journal and Planner This is my favorite and… Continue reading All of My Women’s Health Journals and Planners!