Here Are Some Yummy Eats!

I have been consuming some good stuff (in my opinion) these days. For this post, I wanted to share them with you all so that you can have some new ideas of things to eat and drink! My recent eats and drinks Johnsonville Fully Cooked Original Bratwurst These are absolutely delicious (in my opinion). After… Continue reading Here Are Some Yummy Eats!


A Great Blueberry Snack Option!

I have been looking for new options for snacks as I was getting tired of the same old stuff. Recently, I came across some that used frozen berries as an ingredient. I tried one and thought it was delicious! In this post, I will be talking about/showing you the blueberry snack I came up with… Continue reading A Great Blueberry Snack Option!

Perfect Lower Carb Snack Options

When a person switches over to a diet with a reduced amount of carbs, they may feel as though their snack options are limited. Fortunately, there are some good lower carb choices out there. Here are some ideas! Lower carb snack options Zucchini wraps- Zucchini is just great in general on a low carb diet.… Continue reading Perfect Lower Carb Snack Options

Matcha Tea White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am all about treats in moderation. You can have them once in a while and still maintain a healthy, snatched body. For this week, I decided to make some Matcha tea white chocolate chip cookies! Why Matcha cookies? I wanted cookies as the treat for the week but not just plain old chocolate chip… Continue reading Matcha Tea White Chocolate Chip Cookies