Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide to Building a Better Butt and Body- My Review

There are a lot of books detailing various types of workout routines. It can be hard to choose which one is the best for you. Also, it might not even be necessary to buy one of them with all of the free information available on the internet. Two years ago I decided to buy this Strong Curves book pictured above. I thought I would give my opinion of it today.

You want a nice booty?!

This exercise book is aimed at building shapely bodies especially in the butt area. Brett Contreras is the main author and is known as a “Gluteal Expert.” The book goes into a lot of science talk about weight lifting exercises and our muscles. There is also a nutrition guide outlining plans that will help you achieve your goals. There are four, twelve week workout programs to choose from. They go from beginner to advanced in difficulty. One of them is a body weight workout for those that want to exercise at home. The workouts are not too long and are supposed to be done four days a week. The exercises are accompanied by nice pictures so you know what to do. There are also workout log pages to use.

Yes, I want a nice booty!

Shortly before getting this book there seemed to be a lot of stuff on social media about having a nice booty, doing lots of squats, doing lots of deadlifts etc. As a female taking in all of this media, I became interested in obtaining what these other females had or were trying to get.

When I came across this book, I wanted it immediately! The allure of having a nice booty drove me to click that “Add to Cart” button on amazon. I was imagining myself finishing the workouts and ending up with some perfectly shaped rear that every female would be jealous of.

Yay it is here!

I was so happy the day it came in the mail. Immediately, I tore it open and started reading it. All the science and nutrition stuff was nice but I was more interested in the workouts. When I got to the section with the four workout plans, I was kind of confused as to how I was going to do some of the exercises at home with my equipment. The workouts also did not seem like they were going to be very challenging. I wanted to give it a try anyways.

I started with the intermediate plan and had to make substitutions so that I could still do it at home. I also added in a couple exercises for my arms and back. The workouts ended up being more challenging than I originally thought they would be. Unfortunately, I was just not into the workout routine so I chose to end it after six weeks.

As I have said before, my favorite workout routine is doing an upper/lower split. I can still hit my lower body hard doing that plus, it is something I can stick with which is important. Even though I did not stick with it I will still use a couple of the exercises that were in there for my lower body days (ex. single leg deadlifts).

Would I recommend it?

Even though I was not interested in the workout routines, I would still recommend this book. It is really informative and would be great for someone who wants to build their lower body more. I obviously did not stick to the routine long enough to see results but I have heard of a lot of women who have seen great progress in their booty area. There even is a sub reddit forum dedicated to Strong Curves so that could be of value if you are interested in it and need help with any of the exercises. Also, I believe there are pdf files of the workouts that you can download instead of getting the whole book.