Fitness Gadgets

I have been seeing a lot of people wearing Fitbits. It has gotten me really thinking about just how much our technology keeps changing and getting better. There are so many gadgets out there to help with fitness and health. It is great to see people taking advantage of this to increase the quality of their lives.

I have owned two Polar Heart Rate Monitors. One I bought back in college and the other one I bought about three years ago. I also had a gadget that I put on my arm that monitored my sleep and calories burned throughout the day. These three gadgets were worth their expense because they were really helpful when it came to my goals at that time.

The thing about the Polar Heart Rate Monitors that I owned was that they both just completely quit working after a few months. Even after putting new batteries in them, they still did not work. Other than that they were great. The monitor that I put on my arm was pretty cool too. I realized that I do not sleep very good. Still working on that! It was nice seeing the calories burned throughout the day but I am not sure how accurate that part of it was. I should have gained weight (I did not) during the time I was using it because I was eating more than the calories supposedly burned.

I think on pretty much everyone’s phone they have a step tracker (at least there is one on mine). You put your weight in and then it is able to say how many calories burned as well. I know it is probably not totally accurate but I was surprised at how little calories I burned  when I was at a park for 2 hours and walking the pretty much the whole time. I guess I did not as many steps as I thought. I was actually thinking about doing a challenge to see if I can get in 10,000 steps a day or at least a lot more than what I do get in.

Maybe I will get a Fitbit. We shall see!