Excess Hair (PCOS Sucks!) and Gua Sha Treatment

So I have talked about not having much hair on my eyebrows. The annoying thing is that with PCOS, I have too much hair in areas where I do not want it. This is a common issue that women with this diagnosis deal with.

My excess hair story

My excess hair started when I was about 14 years old and it has been a problem ever since. It makes me self conscious because I feel so manly. I hate it but I try to think that things could be a lot worse for me.

In this society, being hairless is seen as feminine. This is especially true for the male pattern hair growth that many of us with PCOS have. It is not supposed to be there at all according to whoever.

My facial hair first showed up as a mustache which I would get waxed regularly. In my 20s I started getting some random neck hairs along with it. This was not really a big deal as I would pluck them and they would not grow back for a while.

Unfortunately, it has gotten worse these days.  I get small amounts of hair on my chin, mustache area and neck. These get shaved off every morning and then by around 6:00 PM, they sprout up again. It is so crazy to me that they grow back so fast!

Laser hair removal seems really expensive to me right now and plus I have heard a lot of negative things about having it done. So I guess for now I will keep shaving daily. I just needed to vent because I was feeling annoyed during my latest shaving session.

For shaving, I use disposable razors such as the ones I have pictured above. I make sure to be careful so I don’t get nicks on my face.

Gua Sha Treatment

I decided to hop on the fad train and try the Gua Sha treatment for my face. I bought a jade tool like the one pictured above.

The reason why I wanted to try this is because I am always looking for things that can improve my skin and not be too expensive. Doing the Gua Sha treatment also seemed pretty easy from what I saw on YouTube.

I went into it not expecting much from it because after all, it is just a piece of stone. So far I have done one treatment and I can honestly say that I see a difference in my face. It is like it is more “plumped” or something. I can not explain it very well but it does look better. My mother even commented on it.

The oil I use for this type of massage is jojoba. It doesn’t break me out and makes the tool glide smoothly across my skin. I would highly recommend using it if you decide to try doing the Gua Sha massage.

In conclusion

I would highly recommend for others to purchase one of these stones and try this treatment method. There are quite of few videos on it that tell/show you how to do it. I think I will be doing it 4-5 times a week in the evenings. I hope I get even better results over time.

Has anyone reading this tried it? Did you get any good results?

Thanks for reading!

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