I Tried CBD

Hearing and reading about all of the benefits of CBD had me interested in trying it. Products that contain it seem to be promoted everywhere with lists of all that it can do for a person. Unfortunately, the research is lacking on whether or not it does all the great things it is touted as doing (see here: https://www.sciencenews.org/article/cbd-product-boom-science-research-hemp-marijuana).

A while ago, I did experiment with it because I wanted to see if it would provide relief for my anxiety and/or monthly migraine. I tried it in three different forms and the following is my experience with each of them.


I purchased a vape pen with CBD oil. It was not hard to figure out how to use the pen but it is definitely not pleasant in my opinion.

This is considered the fastest way to get it into your system (see here: https://www.dixiebotanicals.com/heres-how-to-get-the-fastest-results-from-cbd-oil/ ). At the time I vaped, I was experiencing some anxiety that I usually get a few days before my period.

I knew to not expect any strong effects that marijuana gives but I did not feel any difference at all. My anxiety was still at the same level and did not go down. I vaped every night for three weeks straight with no results.

CBD oil under my tongue

So taking it this way is super simple-just squirt it under your tongue. This is supposed to take a little longer to work than vaping but it still should be pretty quick.

There was absolutely no relief for me in taking it this way. The pain and anxiety level stayed the same. I gave it a try for three weeks with no changes whatsoever.

CBD gummies

I purchased these: https://hempbombs.com/product/hemp-bombs-15-count-cbd-gummies/. They look yummy and colorful so I had to make sure that my son did not see them as I was taking one out. They have another gummy product that is of a higher potency but I decided to try their regular ones.

These gummies do contain things in it other than just the CBD (L-theanine, Skullcaps and passion flower). Since I did not know how my body would react to the other ingredients I decided to just eat half of one.

About 30 minutes after eating part of the gummy, I could barely open my eyes. It was like my eye lids were made of lead. I also felt lightheaded and had to lay down. This was a really unpleasant experience for me.

In terms of anxiety, there was no relief again. I just felt messed up. It could have been the extra ingredients included in the gummies that made me feel this way.

I did not feel like taking anymore after the first experience.

In conclusion

CBD products just did not work for me at all. I knew not to expect THC level effects but I still thought I might feel some relief. It was disappointing.

I am really glad that other people are experiencing benefits from using CBD. If it works, it seems like it would be a great choice since the reported negative side effects are not as bad as the ones that prescription medication can cause.