My Goals For 2021!

I can not believe that this year is coming to an end…but I am glad it is. The year 2020, has been good at all (in my opinion) and the need for starting fresh is high.

It is important to look at our lives once in a while and analyze where we are at. Making changes and improvements as needed can make for better times personally as well professionally.

I have come up with what I want to have happen in my life in 2021 and I thought I would do a quick post on them.

First, what went wrong in 2020

I was hoping (as others were) that 2020 was going to be a good year for me but it was not for multiple reasons. The following is a list of why it sucked:

  1. The pandemic happened: COVID-19 swept over the world and made things horrible for everyone. Suffering, death, disruption, destruction etc. all over the news everyday.
  2. Got infected and became a long-hauler: My family and I all came down with COVID-19 in late February-early March. Unfortunately, I became what is known as a “long-hauler.” This means that I have been left with lingering symptoms. I am around 96% of the way back to my old self but I still have some annoying stuff I have deal with.
  3. Did not get any business: I planned to start up my home daycare again because I have seemingly no other ways of making money and the pandemic ruined that plan. I could not find any clients nor did I want to risk my family and I getting infected-again.
  4. My hyperpigmentation got worse: I think I picked at my skin a little more than usual in 2020 and I also got a few more pimples than I am used. These two things were probably due to stress. Because of them, I ended up with worse hyperpigmentation than I have ever had.

I am sure there are more things than what I listed above but those are the ones that stand out to me the most.

My goals for 2021

I want better things for 2021. Here are my goals:

  1. Start making money/get clients for my daycare: This was my goal for 2020 and it did not happen. I really want and need it to happen for 2021.
  2. Be completely recovered from COVID-19: This is something my body will have to do on its own but my goal is for it to happen.
  3. To not get reinfected: I do not want my family and I to get COVID-19 again because it may kill one or all of us this next time around.
  4. Grow this blog: I want to put out quality content and reach more people.
  5. Get my cookbook made and published: I am currently working on a cookbook about cooking using tea bags. My goal is to finish it in 2021, get a website set up for it (with a blog reviewing different types of tea on it) and get some sales.
  6. Maintain my fitness level/body fat percentage: I am at a good place right now in regards to how my body looks. I want to keep it like this into 2021. That means I will continue to intermittent fast, workout 5-6 days a week and watch my diet.
  7. Help people reach their fitness and body goals: I created health and fitness journals/planners to help people get their bodies where they want them to be. My hope is that people will use them and reach their goals.
  8. Start my fragrance-free hair care line: For a while now I have been wanting to start making products for people that are sensitive to fragrances and have a drier hair type like I do. I have written up the business plan and the product formulations already. Now, I just need to be able to buy the ingredients, containers and labels.
  9. Fade my hyperpigmentation- I want to find some good products for my skincare routine that will actually work to fade some of my dark spots.

Better days are ahead

We all need to keep up hope. Scientists are learning more about this new virus and hopefully there will be better ways to treat it soon.

I want to have 2021 be a great year for me and I am willing to work for hard in order for that to happen.

What are your goals for 2021?

Thanks for reading!

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