13 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now- Summer Edition

Even though it is not officially summer, I think it is time for another one of these! If you saw my spring version, I hope you enjoyed the ones I picked out for it. These ones for the summer edition are very enjoyable. Some are summer related and a couple are just plain cool. So… Continue reading 13 Amazing Ambience Videos for Right Now- Summer Edition

10 Amazing Ambience Videos For Right Now-Spring Version

I just love looking at this visual! There is a light at the end of the road in life now too. A while back I did a post where I talked about ambience videos and showed you some great ones that were fitting for the season/what the world was going through. Since things have a… Continue reading 10 Amazing Ambience Videos For Right Now-Spring Version

Another Way I Practice Self-Care

When I typed the other post on how I practice self-care I totally forgot to talk about my other passion in life-true crime! It may seem strange and maybe a little morbid that delving into crime cases makes me feel good but I just love reading about them. Here is just a little bit more… Continue reading Another Way I Practice Self-Care