Coenzyme Q10 For COVID-19 Long-Haulers

There have been quite a few things that get recommended in the treatment for COVID-19 “long-hauling” symptoms. They are purely anecdotal but many of us who are dealing with the post-viral issues are willing to try different things that could possibly help us.

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the supplements mentioned by Long Haulers as being of use in the relief of some symptoms. I started taking it a few weeks ago now and I wanted to talk about it in this post.

What is Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10)?

This is an essential nutrient found in the body. The levels of it decrease in us as we age.

It is also found in food with the highest amounts being in organ meats, mackerel, soybeans, broccoli, rainbow trout, peanuts and pistachios. Although these may contain more of the nutrient than other types of food, they still only have a very small amount.

Because CoQ10 is hard to get from food, many people choose to supplement with it due to the many alleged benefits it has. These benefits are as follows:

  1. May promote heart health
  2. May treat diabetic neuropathy
  3. May prevent or lessen headaches and migraines
  4. May help with muscle weakness
  5. May reduce chest pain
  6. May improve lung function
  7. May improve hearing issues and tinnitus
  8. May improve PCOS features- Fertility, acne, hair loss, high blood sugars, high cholesterol
  9. May increase fertility in men and women
  10. May strengthen immune system
  11. May boost energy
  12. May reduce blood pressure
  13. May improve gum health
  14. May act as an neuroprotectant
  15. May improve the look of aging skin

The reasons that COVID-19 Long-Haulers choose to take CoQ10 are as follows:

  1. Lingering chest pain
  2. Heart health- COVID-19 can cause heart damage, heart attacks and myocarditis.
  3. Muscle problems- Some Long-Haulers complain of muscle weakness, pain and tingling.
  4. Breathing issues- Many Long-Haulers have to deal with shortness of breath.
  5. Fatigue- Many Long-Haulers battle fatigue on a daily basis.
  6. Brain fog- Many Long-Haulers say that they have problems thinking and concentrating.

CoQ10 can be bought in capsules and powder form. The recommended dosage ranges from 100-300 mg per day. Side effects may include GI upset and insomnia.

My experience with it

One of my lingering symptoms since the acute phase of my COVID-19 infection in March 2020 have been chest aches. They have not been on a severe level but pretty uncomfortable.

I was really worried at first about what the aching could possibly mean. Thoughts of whether or not I had heart damage or some horrible chest infection, filled my head.

I could not convince my primary care doctor to allow me to have tests done on my chest/heart so I looked to the Long-Hauler support group for help. Some wonderful people there told me about how trying a CoQ10 supplement might help.

We actually had some in our cabinet so I decided to start taking 100 mg right away. I knew that people in the group were taking higher amounts but I am sensitive to medications/supplements and I did not want to risk having bad side effects.

After about a week of taking CoQ10, I can honestly say that the chest aches seemed to reduce in frequency. I would go from having them every night for the whole night to having them only last a couple hours.

The aches just kept gradually going away. I have not actually experienced any for almost a week now!

While I am really excited about this, I can not say definitively if there is a correlation or causation when it comes to the CoQ10 and the aching. It could have been just time that healed my chest- like the chills I used to get.

I have found that Bulk Supplements COQ10 powder is the way to go these days for my daily intake of it. I will also be trying it out in a homemade facial cream due to its alleged skin benefits.

Being a Long-Hauler is tough

This virus is definitely not the flu and I hate when people say that. All of these symptoms that us long-haulers deal with can be annoying, scary and/or devestating.

While I am lucky that I do not have really severe problems that greatly disrupt my life, I would love to not have to experience any of my lingering symptoms anymore.

I do not know if CoQ10 is the thing that is helping me but since it is not hurting me- I will continue to take it for now.

Do any of you guys take CoQ10? Do you think it is helping you in any way?

Thanks for reading!


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