This Week’s Workout Review: Jeanette Jenkins Workout

I forgot to do one of these last week! I was too busy applying to a bunch of jobs I probably won’t get interviews for (ugh!).

This is a workout from YouTube and it won’t be my last. So without further ado, here is my review for the week!

What and why

This week’s review is of Jeanette Jenkin’s (a celebrity trainer) 60 minute cardio kickboxing workout. It is one of the many workout videos that is on the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel.

These days, I am changing up my cardio/ab workouts. For a long time, I was just doing body weight cardio followed by 30 minutes of cardio ladder work. This was great and everything but it got a little bit boring.

I don’t typically like bringing race into everything but the truth is- I love seeing women of color as personal trainers. There is said to be a lot of obesity in the black community and as a black woman myself- seeing us doing healthy things is really inspirational to me.

It would be my dream to inspire others to be fit (especially moms!) and I am still trying to figure out how best to do that- if I even can do that! There are so many other women on Instagram, blogs and YouTube that are doing the whole fitness thing that I don’t think I would get very far. I guess we will see though.

About the workout

The 60 Minute Workout with Jeanette Jenkins is a cardio kickboxing workout. It says on the description that it can burn 600 calories and that Jeanette burned 687. There are some people in the comment section saying they burned in the 500-600 range.

There is a nine minute warm-up consisting of cardio moves to get you ready for the hard ones in the workout. A cool down is also included which consists of two minutes of stretching.

There is a count-down timer that can be seen in the upper left corner of the video. It is shown for the whole workout. The groups of exercise moves are also shown on the timeline so you can see what one is coming next, go back to one and/or skip forward to one.

The workout is mainly cardio with some ab work and “sculpting” moves in it. Some of the moves include kicks, jabs, plank jacks, star jacks, mountain climbers, squats and more. They are all grouped up and some of the moves are repeated.

Advanced and slow modifications are shown throughout the workout. The slow ones are done for the whole workout by the trainer to the left (our left) of Jeanette. There are also mini “breaks” in the workout which consist of stepping back in forth before getting into the next exercise move.

My review of the workout

I liked Jeanette’s personality right away so I was excited to get started with the workout! The other women doing the workout in the video were also inspiring to me as they had that attainable, fit look that I think is great.

I usually do my cardio and abs days between my weightlifting ones but I chose to do it before my usual first weightlifting workout (upper body day). Since there are some “sculpting” moves in it, I thought that my legs might be a little weak for leg day which would have come next.

Going into this workout, I honestly thought that it wasn’t going to be too challenging. This was based on what I saw when I scrolled through the video to get a little preview of what I would be doing.

I sure was wrong!

This was a tough one. I figured it would be right away after I was done with the warm-up as it felt like an actual workout to me. What really killed me were the high knees at around 15 minutes! I hate high knees!

Since I had a good amount of energy (mentally and physically) at the time, I ended up finishing the entire workout without having to do any modifications or take extra breaks. My fitness watch said that I burned 450 calories which is a little more than what I usually burn during my own workouts.

My leg muscles did feel a bit fatigued afterwards so I made the good choice to do it two days before my lower body workout.

Here are my pros and cons of the workout:


  • It is tough. I got a great workout in with it.
  • Goes by quickly.
  • Beautiful women that keep me inspired to finish the workout (not a lesbian but I recognize same-sex beauty).
  • Combines cardio and ab moves.
  • Offers great modifications if I don’t have all the energy I need.
  • The kickboxing moves aren’t too complicated.


  • Could use less sculpting moves.
  • Could cut out some things and make some things more challenging so that the workout would be shorter.
  • Could make the warm-up a little less challenging.

Overall, this was a great workout and I give it a 4/5 for toughness and likeability.

Who I recommend this workout for

Here are the type of people that I think the workout would be good for:

  • Someone who is used to working out.
  • Someone who is eating enough. That will ensure they have the right amount of energy for it.
  • Someone who has a bit of space to be able to do kicks (forward, backwards and to the side).
  • Someone who doesn’t have cardio equipment or doesn’t feel like using it that day.
  • Someone who may need modifications sometimes.
  • Someone who likes kickboxing.
  • Someone who is at a hotel/Air BnB and doesn’t want to go to the fitness room or there isn’t one available.
  • Someone who wants a good calorie burn.
  • Someone who wants cardio and sculpting all in one workout.
  • Someone who has 60 minutes to spare.
  • Someone who likes a lot of talking during workout videos.

Who I don’t recommend it for

This workout won’t be a good choice for everyone. Here is who I don’t recommend it for:

  • Someone who is extremely tight on space.
  • Someone who has people on the floor beneath them as this could be disruptive.
  • Someone who isn’t used to working out.
  • Someone who doesn’t like kickboxing.
  • Someone who doesn’t have 60 minutes to spare or who doesn’t like working out for that long.
  • Someone who wants an all cardio workout.
  • Someone who doesn’t like a lot of talking during workout videos.

In conclusion

I enjoyed this workout a lot and I am glad I found it. Jeanette Jenkins is a great trainer and I will definitely be checking out other videos from her.

What workout videos have you tried lately?

Thanks for reading!

You can find the workout here:

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