February Wrap-Up + Ideas For You

We are pretty much to the end of February. It seemed to go by extremely fast- at least for me.

I have decided to do monthly wrap-ups as they will be fun for me and anyone who reads them might get some ideas for themselves (products, movies, shows, recipes etc.). So without further ado, here is how my February went!


Absolutely nothing happened with employment in the month of February! Not really surprised at this point. I am basically just completely unemployable, I guess. Dozens upon dozens of applications were sent in with no responses whatsoever.

I need to figure out something because us living on just my husband’s salary is not it. We have been doing it, but it is just not it!

Since I love homeschooling my son who has special needs, I was thinking of starting a micro school so that I can educate other children who would do better in a smaller environment. I am not sure how to even get that started up though.

I was also thinking that I maybe should go back to school or something, but I have no idea what I want to do and I really don’t want to be in even bigger debt.

So basically, this part of my life was still terrible as usual.


This part of my life went okay in February. Here are the specifics:

Skincare for my face-

  • I had wonderful results with the Frownies Wrinkle Patches for my forehead lines. I even did a post on them!
  • I used a red LED light lamp for 20 minutes a day. I believe that it helps my skin.
  • I still used my wonderful aloe Vera gel, Radha rosehip seed oil and Black Girl Sunscreen. I don’t think I will ever give them up!

Skincare for my body-

  • I dealt with some bacne. My favorite body wash still does keep the little rough bumps away though.
  • I realized how bad the hyperpigmentation is on my upper body so I started putting Faded by Topicals on the area. I think I will try the spray next.


  • I did a loc detox. It felt great and I will be doing it once or twice a year now.
  • I never did figure out how to maintain my locs myself so in mid-February I decided to finally make an appointment with the lady in town that does them. In March, I will have my hair retwisted…we will see how that goes. I am really nervous about getting COVID again so I will definitely be wearing my KN95 mask and glasses.


Good and bad stuff happened with my health and diet in February. Here are the specifics:

  • I did not get that great of sleep most days and I don’t know what the problem is.
  • Ever since Instacart dropped another person’s order off of five slats of bottled water- I have upped my water intake. For some reason the bottles make me want to drink more.
  • I made a wonderful blueberry smoothie. It had 1 tbsp of honey almond butter, 1 1/4 cup of almond milk, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, some Splenda and a scoop of plain protein powder. Delicious!
  • I added blueberries to bowls of oatmeal and have become hooked now.
  • I got a concussion and eye injury after a fall on the ice. I am still dealing with some dizziness and head/neck aches.
Okay, so it might look gross but I assure you it is heavenly.


Things went pretty good in this part of my life. The only gripe I had was my upper body weightlifting day workout. I thought it was going to be a good one when I put it together but I was just not feeling it.

For March, I will be changing to the upper body workout that I did a review on recently.


This part of my life was really good as I found a lot of things to entertain me. Here are the specifics:

  • I found two great songs from the musical artist, Jjos (I am obsessed with this guy!). They are called Nevermind and Memories From The Past.
  • I found two wonderful ambience videos to have on while doing whatever. One is a ski resort and the other is a pub that features a Stevie Wonder song!
  • I binge watched the first season of Sweet Magnolias (for the third time) and then the second season as well! I love this feel-good show!
  • I binge watched All of Us Are Dead and absolutely loved it!
  • I read three great books. Now I have to figure out what I am reading in March!

Family/home life

Nothing much happened in this part of my life in February. For March, I will be organizing more because things are kind of getting out of control in various areas of our home.

So, that was my February!

Nothing too exciting happened in the month of February. I hope some great things happen in March but I won’t get my hopes up.

How was your February?

Thanks for reading!

Affiliate disclaimer: I am part of an affiliate program. This means that I might receive a commission on any clicks and purchases you make

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