March Wrap-Up + Ideas For You

Well, we finished up March 2022. Lots of messy things are going on in the world…as usual. On the bright side (I think), we did make it to spring. Will things get better from here? Who knows.

Here is how March went for me…

Job and finances

Nothing much changed from last month. Still no job and still broke.

I applied to a bunch of things again and got rejection emails back. It really is kind of laughable at this point. Like, what in the world? Did I do something wrong and I am getting punished for it by some kind of unemployment demon? Is someone doing voodoo against me?

In February’s wrap-up, I talked about possibly starting some type of a micro school for people like my son who need a smaller school environment. This is something I am still thinking about. I even spent quite a few days in March writing up how I would run my school program.

So yeah, this area of my life sucked and seemingly will forever. The only thing good that happened was finding a nice job application journal (I highly recommend it!) as it really came in handy even though it didn’t lead to anything.


This part of my life went good overall in March. Here are the specifics:

  • I continued to use Frownies Wrinkle Patches on my forehead every night as they really work. Check out my post where I review them if you are interested.
  • Used my red light therapy lamp every night.
  • I got my locs retwisted on the first of the month by a new hair stylist. I wore a KN95 but no one else was wearing one. This scared me but I didn’t get COVID from the appointment. At least I don’t think I did.
  • I started using TruSkin vitamin C serum again. I want to see if I can get more of a glow going on.

Health and diet

Things went great in this area of my life. Here are the specifics:

  • Still drank a lot of water each day like I started doing in February.
  • Did better on sleep- around seven hours a night.
  • Fell in love with apple butter and figured out how wonderful it is when stirred into oatmeal.
  • Indulged in a lovely and easy to make dessert with my family.
  • Maintained a healthy level of leanness (as I have for a few years now) that I talked about in one of my recent posts.


This went well as usual. I did however have to switch out my upper body workout that I planned to do because I was just not jiving with it after the third time doing it (I still love you, Fitness Blender!).

I also started doing yoga on my days off and will be trying some routines out when my PMDD hits.


I found a lot of great things to entertain myself with again in March. Here are the specifics:

  • I found a ton of anti-mlm videos on YouTube to binge watch. It all started after getting “hun” messages on my Instagram that I don’t even post on. Here is one of the videos I watched:
  • I watched The Dark Night for the millionth time as it never gets old to me for some reason.
  • I watched both seasons of Kingdom on Netflix. Here is the trailer if you don’t already know which show I am talking about:
  • I found the following ambience videos to put on and relax to:
  • I only read one book by Tami Hoag but it sure was a good one. If you are into thriller novels, I would highly recommend it.

Family and home life

Things went really well in this area of my life. I kept the upstairs clean and organized pretty much everyday. I also connected with some family members more than the previous month which was wonderful.

What I want for April

Here are some things I want to have happen in April:

  • Read more than one book.
  • Blog more.
  • Start writing short stories.
  • Get 7,000-10,000 steps in a day now that it is getting a little warmer outside.
  • Keep finding jobs to apply to.

That was all for March!

March wasn’t too exciting for me but I guess I shouldn’t complain that much. I do hope that April goes even better when it comes to employment though.

How did March go for you?

Thanks for reading!

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